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The benefits of getting chin fillers according to an aesthetic doctor



There has been a slow but steady increase in demand for chin and jaw fillers, says Aesthetic medicine specialist, Dr Alek Nikolic.

Chin fillers are fast becoming social media’s new beauty obsession as women continue on the road to get a picture-perfect profile.

While this procedure is not as widely known or embraced as cheek or lip fillers, aesthetic medicine specialist and owner of Aesthetic Facial Enhancement, Dr Alek Nikolic says there is a steady increase in demand for chin and jaw fillers.

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Dr Nikolic explains that chin fillers can add dimensions, and depth, and balance out facial features as well as re-shape (to an extent) the overall profile – especially when combined with jawline fillers

“By strategically injecting fillers into targeted areas, cosmetic practitioners can sculpt and enhance the appearance of the jawline.”

He says that while many believe fillers create an unnatural-looking volume when injected, the truth is chin and jaw fillers are used to create a smoother, tighter-looking jawline.

“The filler is used to shape the chin and tighten the surrounding skin and help lift the jaw.”

Benefits of chin and jaw fillers

If you have a weak chin, undefined jawlines, or asymmetry of the face, chin and jaw fillers can help to create a more balanced facial profile without you having to get surgery.

One of the key advantages of chin and jaw fillers lies in the immediacy of results. Patients can notice a visible improvement in their jawline contours shortly after the procedure.

“The chin is the central pillar of the face. If the chin is out of proportion then the rest of the face will appear to be too. By injecting dermal filler in the jawline it will create structure and definition along the jawline and chin,” explains Dr Nikolic.

He says this “tweakment” is a great non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures like jaw implants or genioplasty as there is minimal downtime, reduced risks, and it’s a more convenient option for those seeking facial enhancement without undergoing surgery.

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