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The Gaffer Bangle Balenciagas latest R82K sticky tape bracelet causes fashion outrage



Fashion house Balenciaga is selling a roll of sticky tape as an accessory for R82 000 and fashion lovers are less than impressed.

While high fashion has always been very subjective and controversial, design houses want to find new ways to create a stir and trend on social media with items that aren’t conventionally wearable and at times irrelevant to more conservative fashion markets.

Just when we though ‘fashion’ couldn’t get more out of hand, Balenciaga proved us wrong. It’s getting weirder and weirder in the world of ‘high fashion’. While showing their collections at Paris Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter collection 2024, design house Balenciaga decided to debut an odd bracelet that resembles a roll of clear tape.

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A video of the accessory on the Highsobiety TikTok page has amassed more than 14 million views, with the subject line Would you wear this?

The sort of tape is used to wrap boxes when moving or securing large items. The fashion house, however, is selling the roll-off clear tape at a hefty price of R82,000 under the name of the ‘Gaffer Bangle’.

A roll of clear tape costs R18.99 at Makro stores or R27.00 at Builders warehouse.

What makes the ‘Gaffer Bangle’ so unique?

Nothing, its only differentiating factors are the words ‘Made in France’ and the Balenciaga branding at the center, apart from that it’s just a roll of large sticky tape.

Proudly showing off their bangle, the roll of clear tape was seen on a model sauntering down the runway, as part of her designer ensemble.

Fashion lovers the world over seem less than impressed at the odd accessory and its exorbitant price with various views expressed on TikTok.

Balenciaga’s ‘vision’

The brand is consistently controversial and keeps lowering the fashion respect bar by using household items as fashion items and getting the public talking – at times angry at the disregard of current world economic situations.

In true social media fashion, the bracelets have led to a slew of TikTok content creators making videos of their homemade sticky accessories and how they can create the same bangle for a fraction of the price. While this has turned into a complete fashion farce, it doesn’t bode well for the sales of the bangle if and when it goes on sale. Introducing TAPE: Adhere to Glamour. #balenciaga ♬ Solas – Jamie Duffy

Previously the design house has showcased shopping bags, a towel worn as a skirt, and highly expensive trash pouches as bags, dirty mud-filled sneakers, and torn clothes.

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