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Three of Sorisha Naidoo’s best RHODurban diary sesh looks

Sorisha Naidoo’s stylish trends on the latest season of Real Housewives of Durban have stunned viewers. Take a peek at her best diary session looks so far.

Sorisha Naidoo, a successful entrepreneur and media personality, was dubbed the “real housewife” by fans this week.

She is not one to brag about her success; she is married to hotel owner and businessman Vivian Reddy.

He is the founder and chairman of the Edison Power Group, an electrical corporation, and has commercial interests in casinos, healthcare, financial services, and property development, as well as owning the Radisson in Durban and other businesses.

Sorisha’s hectic life includes being a wife, mother, radio DJ, and presenter in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as a philanthropist and aesthetic clinic owner.

She founded a cosmetics business that was worn by celebrities and politicians, including the late Winnie Mandela.

With her lavish lifestyle, she could be considered the Grande dame of the Durban housewives, continually bringing the ladies together and resolving any discrepancies or arguments.

With the new season of the Showmax reality television show Real Housewives of Durban, Sorisha is standing out with her diary looks while dishing spicy commentary on the show.

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Wearing designer fashion pieces that look like artwork she stands out from the other Durban Housewives. 

Here are Sorisha Naidoo’s three top look diary looks from the show:

Victorian Vixen 

Sorisha wears a cream designer number that has a hard beaded bodice with a lover straighter bottom that looks textured and tasseled at a distance.

She keeps her hair down and parted, highlighting the design of the already embellished dress, her make-up is at a minimum.

The design of the bodice looks similar to a smaller version of the Italian Colosseum a building that was designed as an amphitheater that hosted fighting gladiator games and was filled with people coming to watch.

The Colosseum-like bodice has a slightly elliptical design and small hollowed details built on top of each other symmetrically.

The dress is designed by bridal wear designer THE XVIII VICTORIAN.

The designer has created fashion pieces for Durban’s finest and richest including custom-made dresses for matriculants including fellow co-star Annie Ludick.

Purple passions 

Dressed in a petal-like sequence dress, Sorisha looks as though she has a flower blooming around it and is emerging from the center.

The dress has a mesh neckpiece with a sequence design. She keeps her hair tied in a high bun with matching make-up – shaded eyes and dark lipstick.

While adding bedazzled gloves that have a nude mesh looking like her nails, great attention to detail has been paid to the workmanship of the dress leading it to look like a piece that should be on display in a fashion museum.

The trick to wearing dramatic dresses is to keep accessories at a minimum as the dress in itself is a work of art.

Dark desires 

Dressed in a high neck sequenced black dress with a beaded and bedazzled gem neckline, she looks every bit the part of the head lady in charge.

Wearing another number by the same designer, her followers give praise to the stylist and designer.

The design could be seen as the adult version of the dress from the popular Netflix series Wednesday with touches of darkness and delight.

The piece de resistance is the large-rimmed black hat with thin tasseled detail with a length that runs down below her back.

Not a look you can wear ordinarily unless there’s a special occasion, but a guaranteed show-stopper.

Sorisha’s new style has caught the attention of fellow cast members and fans alike, we look forward to seeing what she’ll be wearing for the rest of the reality show season.

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