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Calf tox is the latest beauty craze promising slim contoured legs



‘Calf tox’ or ‘calf Botox’ involves getting botulinum toxin injections in your calves to slim them down. The technique is already attracting much interest around the world.

Botulinum toxin injections are continuing to be a booming business, having become one of the world’s most popular aesthetic procedures.

According to data shared in 2022 by IMCAS at its annual congress on dermatology and aesthetic and plastic surgery, these injections account for some 43% of all cosmetic procedures, ahead of hyaluronic acid injections (28%).

And there’s no end in sight, given the growing number of trends and techniques involving the toxin. This was recently demonstrated with crazes surrounding foot Botox, to relieve certain kinds of foot pain, Traptox, promising a slim, swan-like neck, or even Barbie Botox, creating the effect of a longer neck and sculpted shoulders.

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