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Barbie leads to pink returning to fashion – even in hair



Searches for pink hair colour surged hours after Kylie Jenner posted her new look. Take a look at celebs trying the hottest hair trend.

Barbie made a huge comeback in 2023. With the release of the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie, the colour pink is featured in many fashion and beauty shade palettes.

It seems the colour is making an ever-bigger impact in 2024, while pink is not only limited it clothes it’s now translating to hair colour.

This week The Kardashians reality show star and business mogul Kylie Jenner debuted her new pink hair, prompting her fans to hail the return of ‘King Kylie’.

A name was given to her more adventurous appearance, whenever her hair colour goes daring.

Kylie had fans rushing out to get hair dye and Googling how to get the look.

According to a new analysis of Google search statistics, online searches for ‘pink hair dye’ increased by 1,443% worldwide just hours after Kylie Jenner shared a TikTok and Instagram picture revealing her new pink hair.

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According to Google Trends statistics, queries from Kylie fans looking for pink hair dye have increased by more than 14 times the norm. “The impact that celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have is sensational, and the influence Kylie has on her younger fans will also help to shape them and aid them into becoming creative and expressive in their way, just as she does,” says a spokesperson at Fresha, experts at beauty and wellness marketplace.

The reality star has been known to switch up the colour of her hair, from light blue to neon pink to yellow. When it comes to colour Kylie isn’t afraid to play with shades.

The mother to Stormie has also uploaded her short pink locks on Instagram, with the first three photos titled ‘Hi remember me’, a tribute to her younger self, and sharing the same TikTok to her Instagram page, which has 1.2 million likes. In just 16 hours, the first post received more than 7.4 million likes.

Online searches for ‘Kylie Jenner pink hair’ have surged by 1,086% worldwide, indicating that Kylie followers want to learn everything about the star’s fresh new style and photograph it to show their hairdressers and stylists.

“Of all, if you know the key to great hair, you realise that it’s easier to wear a lace wig in the colour you want than to damage your tresses by coloring them pink. Whether Kylie is sporting her real hair or a wig is still unclear.”

“Kylie has never been shy about her hair and certainly utilizes it as a means of expression, which appears to be inspiring others to follow in,” said Fresha.

Although it seems the hair care industry shakes every time Kylie changes her look, other celebrities have also sported pink hair. Here are some:

Nicki Minaj

The queen of Pink Friday’s Nicki Minaj is popular for her sorbet-shaded hair look, especially in
her music videos. In the case of Minaj, the brighter the better.


Always the trendsetter, when singer and owner of Fenty Beauty Rihanna went pink, she had hearts racing all over the interwebs.

Thabsie, a South African musician, has been seen wearing long pink braids and wigs to experiment with hair colour while furthermore protecting her natural hair in box braids that aid in length retention.

Londie London

Singer and Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London not only launched the long-length braid extension in South Africa, she was frequently seen wearing a vivid pink braid line, which complemented her complexion perfectly.

Still, this is not just a women’s fashion fad; guys have also adopted it too.

Justin Bieber

When Bieber debuted his latest album and shot the music video for the single Yummy, pink was his hair colour of choice.

He kept his hair short and cropped ,but did something new with his look by going the pink route.

Idol’s judge and reality star Somizi Mhlongo, who’s not afraid to push aesthetic edges, occasionally rocks pink hair in the form of a lace wig or colours his natural hair in the shade.

Chris Brown

The R&B singer often changes his hair length and colour. On his recent tour, he enjoyed different looks with multi-coloured hair, but pink played a large part in the singer’s look in his Under the Influence music video.

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