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Who is Zahara Fiance? Was Zahara Fiance Engaged?



Zahara’s fiance was Mpho Xaba, an engineer who proposed with R10,000 customized ring, creating a heartfelt and surprise-filled engagement.

Who is Zahara’s Fiance?

Zahara’s fiance was Mpho Xaba, reportedly an engineer known for his supportive, kind, and generous nature. Xaba proposed to Zahara with a heartfelt surprise, orchestrating a memorable moment aided by Zahara’s assistant, Lisa. This proposal, involving balloons spelling out “Marry me,” captured Zahara’s heart, leading to her joyous acceptance. Their engagement marked the culmination of a meaningful relationship that was to lead to marriage, expressing the depth of love Zahara found in Xaba.

Who was Zahara?

Zahara, born Bulelwa Mkutukana, was a highly esteemed South African singer-songwriter known for her soulful melodies and profound impact on the music industry. Her journey from the Eastern Cape to international acclaim marked a transformative narrative within South African music.

With multiple award-winning albums, such as the double-platinum debut “Loliwe” in 2011 and the recent “Nqaba Yam” in 2021, Zahara became a global phenomenon, earning recognition for her exceptional talent and musical contributions. Zahara’s influence extended beyond borders, resonating across continents with her soul-stirring voice and compelling lyrics.

Her dedication to her craft earned her acclaim and positioned her as a symbol of excellence within the South African music industry. Her legacy, characterized by resilience, cultural pride, and unity, remains etched in the annals of South African music history, exemplifying the transformative power of artistic expression.

Was Zahara Engaged?

Yes, Zahara was engaged to Mpho Xaba. Their engagement followed a relationship that had blossomed over six months, culminating in plans for marriage. This engagement was preceded by Zahara’s previous engagement to Ian Sibiya in 2019. However, her relationship with Sibiya did not endure.

Zahara Death

Zahara’s fiancé, Mpho Xaba, stood by her side during her final moments. Zahara passed away due to an undisclosed illness while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Johannesburg on December 11, just before 9 pm. Despite various rumors surrounding her passing, including allegations of bewitchment or liver disease, the details remain unclear.

Family members, including her cousin and spokesperson, Oyama Dyosiba, expressed difficulty in locating Xaba amidst the commotion following Zahara’s passing. The family and close friends emphasized the importance of awaiting reliable information from official sources regarding Zahara’s health and passing.

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