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Which tablet is best for watching movies?



The best tablet to watch movies on is different from the best tablet for gaming, so we share a list of three of our top picks.


  • Overview
  • Can the same tablet be suitable for gaming and movie watching?
  • Which tablet is best for watching movies?
    • 1. 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad
    • 2. All-new Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1-inch
    • 3. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4
  • Final thoughts


The function of tablets for technology enthusiasts and everyday users has changed since the first time the gadget was used. When tablets were first introduced, they were the awkward “last born” that merged the qualities of its predecessors; the personal computer and the cell phone.

However, as the years advanced, the last born found its sweet spot. In some respects, it has rivalled the qualities of its early interpretation.

As a result, tablets have become another must-have portable alternative to a laptop since they are smaller but with the same capabilities, to a certain extent. Furthermore, a tablet is more functional for work purposes than a cell phone.

Can The Same Tablet Be Suitable For Gaming And Movie Watching?

While you can watch movies and play games on the same tablet, gamers who want to purchase the ideal tablet for gaming will not be looking at the same overall specs as someone purchasing a tablet with the best movie-watching quality.

There are different specifications that are considered for a tablet that is ideal for gaming and a tablet that is ideal for movie enthusiasts.

Ultimately, for gaming, the processing speed of the tablet is what is most important. Below are some aspects that inform the ideal movie-watching tablet, and the leading tablets to watch movies on in 2022.

Which Tablet Is Best For Watching Movies?

Before sharing our top three picks of tablets to purchase for the best movie-watching experience, let us nuance the aspects of the decision-making.

There are four primary factors to consider when purchasing a tablet for movie-watching, including:

Screen size: Bigger is not always better, as the best movie-watching tablets strike the perfect balance in terms of a sizable screen with a proportional resolution. A large screen with low resolution quality results in blurry visuals.

Resolution: The term refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed on the screen and is measured by the width and height of the screen. It is advisable to seek a tablet with high resolution.

Refresh rate: The tablet produces a new image every second. For a slow tablet, this results in a blur that clears after some time. You should always seek a tablet with a minimum refresh rate of 120 144 Hz, or more.

Sound: Look for a tablet with speakers that are suitable for you if you do not want to miss any details of the story.

1. 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad

The 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad is an eighth-generation iPad that is touted for its A12 Bionic chip that has significantly boosted the speed and performance of the iPad.

Another feature is the color temperature of the iPad, which adjusts to suit the temperature of your room so that even if you watch movies all day, it does not hurt your eyes.


2. All-new Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1-inch

The latest model of the Fire Tablet prides the upgrade on the faster Octa-Core, is an estimated 30 percent faster than its predecessor, and is lauded for its picture quality.

The 10.1-inch screen provides a full HD display without the large screen weighing the tablet down. Moreover, when the battery of the tablet is fully charged, it can function for up to 12 hours.


3. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4

The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4 is for those looking for a tablet with a big screen that does not comprise on the other aspects required for great movie-watching on a tablet. The tablet is considered a great “mini-television,” given the right apps are downloaded onto it.

However, potential buyers should be aware of the fact that the tablet does not come with the best supporting stand, and its processing speed is not as fast as the aforementioned tablets.


Final Thoughts

The ideal tablet for a movie aficionado or enthusiast is different from that of a gamer. There are slight differences in the specifications that the former will look for, which the gaming enthusiast may not take into account.

As such, we have shared a list of our top three picks of tablets that are ideal for movie aficionados and enthusiasts. The top picks have not changed much in the world of technology so far, as most are tablet model designs from 2021.


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