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Where the in-crowd now goes



Uruguay’s answer to Saint-Tropez or Monaco.

In a seaside village in eastern Uruguay, well-heeled tourists saunter through a crowded art fair sipping crisp local rose wine as they marvel at the area’s burgeoning creative scene.

Between seemingly endless golden Atlantic beaches and undulating grasslands, this remote corner of South America has become an unlikely hub for art, culture and gastronomy.

Here in the bucolic countryside is Uruguay’s leading contemporary art museums, galleries, and film and photography festivals.

And last week, the village of Jose Ignacio hosted the 10th edition of the Este Arte International Art Fair.

“When we started, most of the people that I talked to thought: ‘In Uruguay, you cannot do that. We are not like Argentina or Brazil. There will not be enough buyers,” said Uruguayan art curator Laura Bardier.

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