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Where is Mr. Inbetween filmed?



Mr. Inbetween was shot in and around New South Wales, which is a popular shooting location in Australia for foreign film and television productions.


  • Overview
  • Is Mr. Inbetween based on a true story?
  • Where was Mr. Inbetween filmed?
    • 1. Sydney
    • 2. Moore Park
    • 3. Hay
  • Final thoughts


Mr. Inbetween aired for three seasons between 2018 and 2021. Capturing the fascination of international viewers, the Australian black-comedy crime action series is premised, on “Ray Shoesmith is a father, ex-husband, boyfriend, brother and best friend, tough roles to juggle in the modern age. Especially when you’re also a criminal for hire.”

As new and old fans of the series continue to binge it, one of the most popular questions asked about Mr. Inbetween is where the series is shot. Mr. Inbetween was shot in and around New South Wales, Australia, exclusively. Below we share some of the most popular locations used in the series.

Is Mr. Inbetween Based On A True Story?

Mr. Inbetween is not based on a true story, but the title character of the series is based on that of acclaimed Australian screenwriter and filmmaker, Scott Ryan’s cult film, Mr. Magician.

Released internationally in 2005, the film was premised, as “A mockumentary that follows Ray Shoesmith, a Melbourne hitman who is simultaneously ruthless and caring, likable and volatile.

‘Filmed’ by his media student neighbor for a university assignment, Ray is under contract to kill a low life of the Melbourne underworld when a more tempting offer is made…”

While the film had little acclaim internationally, it did give Mr. Inbetween its title character; Ray Shoesmith, who is played by Scott Ryan in both the series and film.

Where Was Mr. Inbetween Filmed?

Mr. Inbetween concluded in 2021, following the airing of its third season. News of the show’s cancellation was a surprise for fans of the show who, when the third season was confirmed by FX, did not expect it to mark the end of the series.

However, the decision was not made by the network, but by the lead actor and creator of the series, Scott Ryan, who explained at the time, “I have had enough of him.”

Adding, “He has been around since about 1998 or 1999 which means it’s been about 23 years. So I am sick and tired of him and can’t wait to get rid of him.”

In honor of fans, new and old, who still watch the series with fascination at some of the memorable locations used in the series, we share a list of the three most popular locations used in Mr. Inbetween. All of these locations are in New South Wales, Australia.

1. Sydney

The primary location of the black-comedy action series, Mr. Inbetween, was Sydney. Sydney is renowned for being home to the iconic Australian landmark, the Sydney Opera House.

Moreover, the city is considered one of the largest in New South Wales and, in the 1900s, was regarded as the center of film productions shot in Oceania.

For the last season of Mr. Inbetween, the city was used as a shooting location between November 2020 and March 2021.

Additionally, Sydney has also been a shooting site for other productions such as The Bold and The Beautiful, The Matrix, and Mission Impossible 2.

2. Moore Park

Moore Park is another shooting location that was used throughout the three-season run of Mr. Inbetween,  located just three kilometers from the popular Sydney City Center.

However, most of the scenes shot in Moore Park are interiors shot in the FOX Studios that were reportedly bought by The Disney Walt Company in 2019.

The studios have nine sound stages and facilities that provide productions with the ability to shoot films and television productions in 3D. The biggest reason Fox Studios is prestigious is due to its proximity to the international airport.

3. Hay

Hay, unlike the aforementioned locations, was used due to its rough and arid appearing terrain. It is more of a town than it is a city, as opposed to Sydney and Moore Park.

As such, the town was ideal for shooting violent action scenes that required fewer external factors for the effective shooting thereof.

Interestingly, Hay also marked the location where the series was concluded, with the shooting of its third and final season.

Cinematographer, Charlie Whitaker, took to Instagram in March 2021 to confirm that the black-comedy action series had wrapped shooting of the season.

Final Thoughts

Following confirmation of the conclusion of the series in 2021, Mr. Inbetween’s lead actor and creator, Scott Ryan, teased the possibility of his beloved character returning one day in the future.

He said, “Who knows mate, Ray Shoesmith could pop up anywhere so people should best be careful I guess.”

The sentiments gave fans hope that with the conclusion of Mr. Inbetween, Ray Shoesmith might just return in the future, possibly, in a different location outside of New South Wales, Australia, where the three seasons of the black-comedy action series were shot exclusively for the four years that the show was in production.


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