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What really drove Zombie House Flipping away from Orlando



Zombie House Flipping’s recent changes have been quite controversial, but it is possible that the Orlando real estate market forced the show to expand its horizons.

Change is never easy, but the popular A&E house flipping show, Zombie House Flipping changed almost every aspect of the show just as it was heading into its fifth season at the beginning of 2023.

To be fair, Zombie House Flipping has never really had the best track record of keeping its core cast intact, and several members of the show’s original Orlando-based flipping team have left over the years.

However, even though this most recent change and the show’s new split format has been met with considerable backlash from fans, there may be a really good reason why the show seems to be changing so much.

The problem with Orlando’s real estate market

Justin Stamper, who longtime Zombie House Flipping fans may remember as the flipping expert from the show’s first few seasons, shared his plight about the highly competitive Orlando housing market in 2021.

In a blog post shared on the Blueprint Real Estate Group’s website, Stamper explained that “We’re back to our grassroots,” he said. “We’re literally knocking on doors in some cases.”

If Stamper was already concerned about running out of real estate while the series was filming its fourth season, especially given the fact that all of the houses featured on the show are in the cast members’ names and are purchased with their own, real money, it would make sense that Zombie House Flipping was forced to move in season five in order to spread out the financial burden of the ever-growing Orlando real-estate market.

This would also explain why the show suddenly expanded to new territories like Tampa and Dallas in the fifth season.

A brief Zombie House Flipping history

Keeping up with all of the Zombie House Flipping changes can be difficult. But some of the most important dates from the show’s history can be outlined as follows:

January 30 to March 19, 2016Season 1 airs
June 10 to September 2, 2017Season 2 airs
March 13 to September 21, 2019Season 3 airs
November 6, 2021, to August 27, 2022Season 4 airs
December 3, 2022, to July 29, 2023Season 5 airs

Perhaps more importantly, a new season of Zombie House Flipping will be premiering very soon on October 28, 2023, at 11am/10c.

The changes in the Orlando team

The biggest change in the Zombie House Flipping franchise was really at the start of 2023 when it was announced that the series would be coming back to A&E for its fifth season.

And although many longtime Zombie House Flipping fans were more than excited to see an old fan-favorite, Peter Duke, return to the Orlando team alongside the team’s frontman, Keith Ori, this was not the change-up in store for this team.

It turns out that Peter and Keith’s longtime friend and business partner, Alynne Cordray, had signed on to round out the Orlando team as their lead designer (and is likely to replace Ashlee and Justin, whose absences from the series have still not been explained).

Other newly introduced cast members

Ashlee was not the only new-ish Zombie House Flipping cast member to join this now-infamous fifth season of the show.

In fact, as the show has expanded to new territories, six new people have signed on and joined the cast.

These new cast members include:

  • The Tampa team, which consists of Dolmar (the team’s real-estate expert), Amanda (the team’s lead designer) and Samantha (the team’s realtor)
  • The Dallas team, which consists of Chauncy (the team’s marketer, and general mover and shaker), her husband, Derek (the team’s real-estate expert), and Sarah (the team’s designer)
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