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What happened to Kowboy on American Restoration?



Kowboy from American Restoration was replaced, along with the entire original cast before the show was cancelled after seven seasons.

The History Channel had struck gold with the antiques and artefacts reality format show, American Restoration. Having run on the channel between 2010 and 2016, the show is still regarded as one of the most memorable reality shows to have been on the channel.

At the height of the show’s glory, it was fronted by antique maverick, Rick Dale. Dale, along with his family and some of the workers at Rick’s Restorations, like Kowboy, were the original cast members of American Restoration.

Prior to the seventh season, the original cast was fired and replaced, and no reason was shared with viewers for the decision. This decision subsequently resulted in the demise of the show.

Are Rick And Kelly From American Restoration Still Married?

Rick Dale has been married to his wife, Kelly Dale, since 1994. The couple has been working together ever since, while simultaneously keeping their marriage alive.

After the conclusion of American Restoration, it seems that Rick Dale has stepped out of the limelight and the only access fans have to him is through his wife’s Instagram. A recent post of the couple, shared by Kelly, showed her preparing her husband’s favourite pizza.

The couple is set to celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary in 2024 and they still seem blissfully happy in their marriage.

What Happened To Kowboy On American Restoration?

American Restoration was initially about Rick Dale, his wife, and their store, Rick’s Restorations and the artefacts that they restored. Rick’s son, Tyler, and his team, namely, Brettly Otterman and Kowboy, worked with them in his store.

Kowboy was regarded as the grouch of the group who always looked intimidating, but he was still beloved by fans of the show for his craftsmanship abilities.

After the fifth season was when the cracks in the show started becoming evident. Consequently, season six of American Restoration only had three episodes before it concluded, which raised concern about the future of the show.

At the time, it was believed that the show was being cancelled. Rick took to social media to share a heartfelt video asking fans to canvas for the return of American Restoration and his return as the helm of the show.

In a surprising move, the History Channel greenlit the show for another season, but introduced a completely new cast and a modified premise, which read, “American Restoration follows the best restoration shops in the United States as they restore pieces of America’s history and create awe-inspiring works from vintage items including classic cars, rare antiques and one-of-a-kind bikes.”

So Kowboy, like the rest of the original cast members of American Restoration, was fired.

What Is Kowboy Doing Now?

There is no way of knowing what Kowboy is doing now that the show has been cancelled.

The same applies for Rick Dale, who never intended to become a reality television star. Rick all but disappeared when the show’s original cast members were fired.

With no known social media accounts or even his real name, details on where Kowboy is today are scarce, if there are any at all. But seeing as the restoration business is still operational, we can presume that Kowboy continued to work with Rick Dale and the rest of the team.

What Happened To Rick Dale’s Physical Store?

Rick Dale had an antique restoration shop that was located in Las Vegas, however, it seems that the dismissal of the original cast meant the end of the shop, since it closed down after the last season that Dale was a part of.

Ironically, the original premise was subsequently used for five antique and artefact restoration stores that featured on the seventh and last season of the show. While the physical shop is no more, the website is still up and running

Was American Restoration Cancelled?

American Restoration was cancelled, but this decision was made after the show’s producer and the History Channel disrupted a working and successful formula.

The cancellation happened after the seventh season in 2016 due to a drastic drop in viewership numbers. This was after the show fired Rick Dale and their original cast, replacing them with a new cast and five new restoration shops.

Therefore, the show was cancelled after it lost its magic due to the dismissal of Rick Dale and the rest of the team.

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