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Türkiye breaks language barriers for South African jetsetters



Exciting innovation for South African jetsetters…

In a significant move aimed at enhancing communication for Mzansi travellers, Türkiye has introduced a new specialised translation device, SmartMic.

SmartMic is equipped with advanced translation capabilities supporting 52 languages and 72 accents, including IsiZulu and Afrikaans.

This innovative device is designed to bridge language barriers, providing seamless interaction between passengers and airport staff.

Türkiye Airlines CEO, Bilal Ekşi, emphasised the airline’s dedication to facilitating seamless travel experiences for passengers of all backgrounds.

He said the inclusion of IsiZulu and Afrikaans reflects Türkiye’s commitment to catering to the linguistic diversity of its visitors.

“We are delighted to introduce SmartMic devices offering translation support for IsiZulu and Afrikaans speakers.

“This initiative underscores our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that all travellers feel welcomed and supported throughout their journey with Turkish Airlines,” he said.

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Smoother and more accessible travel

According to the airline, with the introduction of SmartMic devices, South African travellers can now enjoy a smoother and more accessible travel experience.

Türkiye Airlines was launched in the 1930s. The company has since evolved into one of the prominent airlines with flights to almost all countries around the world.

“Keeping up to date with technology is an essential component of our innovation aims and in maintaining that we have the youngest and most modern fleet in Europe.

“Our growing passion over the years has earned us the title of the airline that flies to most countries in the world. Today we conduct flights to 120 countries from our new home, Istanbul Airport, with a young fleet of 448 aircraft,” reads information on Türkiye Airlines’ website.

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