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Tragic! Mumbai Cricketer Dies After Ball From Another Match Hits Him On Head



Fatal Accident on the Cricket Field

A somber incident shook Dadkar Maidan in Matunga, Mumbai, when a 52-year-old man tragically lost his life while playing cricket on Monday. Struck on the head by a ball from an adjacent pitch, the man, fielding with his back turned to the batter, was unaware of the ball’s trajectory, leading to the fatal blow.

Mumbai Cricketer – Unforeseen Consequences at a Cricket Tournament

The unfortunate incident occurred during the Kutchhi Visa Oswal Vikas Legend Cup, a T20 tournament catering to players aged 50 and above. Due to space constraints and time limitations, multiple matches were underway simultaneously on the same ground, a common occurrence in such scenarios.

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Mumbai Cricketer – Police Involvement and Medical Response

The authorities intervened, filing an accidental death report. Despite suspicions, investigations found no evidence of an intentional attempt to harm the individual. Rushed to Lion Tarachand Hospital, the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival around 5 pm. The body was later handed over to the grieving family.

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Safety Challenges in Urban Sports Spaces

The tragic event sheds light on the challenges faced by sports enthusiasts in urban areas. The scarcity of space often compels individuals, including children, to play sports like cricket on streets or crowded grounds. Multiple matches simultaneously taking place in confined spaces pose inherent risks, as witnessed in this unfortunate incident.

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