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Three foods to help with hangover recovery



While it’s strongly recommended to limit your alcohol intake, it’s a safe bet that some revelers will overindulge this holiday.

Hangovers are typically the after-effects of a boozy night out, characterized by nausea, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue and other feelings of weakness caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Moderation is the best way to avoid them, but there are a number of tips – and foods – that can help mitigate the damage caused by such excesses.

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Here are three foods that can help you recover from your hangover this festive season

Lemon to the rescue

This sour-tasting citrus fruit is known as a detoxifier that cleanses the body. It’s not a miracle solution, but it does help eliminate toxins from the body, all while rehydrating it.

Moreover, lemons are rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the immune system and aids digestion. All of this makes lemon an essential ally in the fight against hangovers.

It is best consumed mixed with water, with grated ginger to relieve nausea and upset stomachs. It can also be drunk as lemon tea, or even with sparkling water and a pinch of salt.

Honey for sweet salvation

Less well-known than lemon, honey is nonetheless an effective ally against hangovers, thanks to its high fructose and glucose content.

Not only does honey give you the energy you need to face a difficult morning, but it also helps restore blood glucose levels, and has properties that help soothe upset stomachs and combat nausea.

It can be eaten on toast, or even by the spoonful, but the best way is to add a spoonful or two of honey to lemon tea.

Banana for a boost

A hangover means dehydration and loss of potassium, an essential mineral for the body to function properly. That’s why it’s a good idea to eat foods packed with potassium, such as spinach, avocados, apricots, dates, prunes and bananas.

This makes it easier for the body to recover, and helps combat all hangover symptoms, including fatigue. A handy trick if you need to get up and crack on with the festive season.

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