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This is who Lou ends up with in season 16 of Heartland



Lou and Peter have rekindled their longtime on-again, off-again relationship on the most recent season of Heartland.

Heartland follows Amy, Lou and the rest of the Fleming family as they navigate their complicated personal and professional lives.

Lou Fleming has always had a complicated romantic history on the show, but by the end of the most recent season, she ended up back with Peter.

About Heartland

Heartland is a Canadian family drama series, which is based on the Heartland book series by author, Lauren Brooke.

The show follows the lives of Amy Fleming and her older sister, Louise “Lou” Fleming, who live on the ‘Heartland’ family ranch in Alberta.

Life on the ranch is not always easy, but the sisters, their grandfather, Jack, their father, Tim (and the farmhand, Ty) always seem to find a way through even the most difficult struggles when they work together.

Heartland has always been a fan-favorite among both Canadian and American audiences, and the series has now even earned the title of being Canada’s Longest Running One Hour Family drama after 16 seasons on the air.

Heartland has also officially been renewed for a 17th season, which is set to start airing very soon in Canada.

This is who Lou ends up with in season 16 of Heartland

A lot has changed on Heartland over the years, and with the next season of Heartland on the horizon, it may be best to remind yourself of the important details of what has happened in the series thus far. And this includes the details of Lou’s complicated love-life.

When Heartland first started airing in 2007, Lou was in a steady relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Carl.

However, in the more recent seasons of the series, Lou has been involved in a complicated love-triangle with Peter Morris (the father of her children) and Mitch Cutty (who was hired at Heartland as a ranch hand).

And though Lou had seemingly moved on from her relationship with Peter after their divorce was finalized in season 10, her resolve fell apart when Peter admitted that he still had feelings for her, at the very end of the 14th season .

And by the end of the most recent, 16th season, Peter and Lou had fully rekindled their relationship and had even recommitted to their original vows.

When did Lou and Mitch break up?

The love triangle between Lou, Mitch and Peter has been a recurring plot point throughout most of the recent seasons of Heartland. Thus, it can be quite difficult to keep all the details of these complicated dynamics straight.

But Lou did break up with Mitch before Peter told her that he still had feelings for her.

In reality, Lou and Mitch had been slowly drifting apart for most of the 14th season of the series, and they finally decided to take a break at the end of the final episode of season 14, which is titled “Staying the Course”.

Will Lou and Peter get married in season 17?

Heartland fans have always been split into two distinct camps when it comes to Lou’s romantic relationships, and there are certainly fans who groaned at the thought of Lou and Peter getting back together (again) in season 15.

However, it has become quite evident throughout the seasons that Lou does not want to move away from Heartland.

And with all the additional pressure that their relationship is bound to face in the coming season once the rest of the Fleming family gets involved, it seems unlikely that they will be getting married so soon.

All about Heartland season 17

Rumors already started swirling a few months ago in May of 2023 that the Heartland team had started filming for a brand new season. But the details surrounding this season’s release were not confirmed until just a few days ago.

The official Heartland on CBC Facebook page shared in a post on 7 September that the 17th season of the series would officially be premiering on Sunday, October 1, 2023.

And even though the United States release date for Heartland has not officially been confirmed, insiders expect that the new episodes will be made available on streaming platforms in the late fall season of 2023.

CBC has also not yet officially confirmed which cast members will be returning for this new season, but the teaser trailer for the season suggests that most of the main cast members will reprise their roles.

This includes Amber Marshall (in the role of Amy Fleming), Michelle Morgan as (“Lou” Fleming), Shaun Johnston (as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett), Chris Potter (as Timothy “Tim” Fleming) and more.


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