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The mushroom bob: A retro-inspired cut that’s an incoming trend for 2024



This surprisingly named cut –reminiscent of a famous character from the world of Super Mario Bros. – combines elegance and casual style, making it bang on trend.

Fancy a new haircut for 2024? The bob may not be for everyone, if only because it means sacrificing a (good) chunk of your hair, but there’s no denying that it’s currently all the rage. In fact, many celebrities have radically changed their hair – albeit often temporarily – to embrace the bob. Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, Jenna Ortega, Zendaya and Taylor Swift are just some of the celebrities who have gone for the chop in 2023, and they could soon be joined by a host of others as they clamor to get the mushroom bob, one of the most popular hairstyles on radar right now.

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A single photo posted on Instagram was all it took to transform the mushroom bob from an outdated retro cut to a hotly tipped trend of the year for 2024.

And it’s to the American actress Megan Fox that we owe this hair phenomenon.

On 8 November, 2023, the Transformers star showed off her totally transformed hairstyle on social media. And while the star has accustomed her fans to regularly changing her look in recent months, this new hairstyle made something of an impact. It’s a bob, but a very specific kind of bob – a so-called mushroom bob in a flamboyant red shade. That was all it took for others to follow suit, elevating this cut to the top of current hair trends.

The mushroom bob

The style’s rise was no mean feat, however, as the mushroom bob, it is not known for being one of the most popular hairstyles among women.

The reason? Its resemblance, when very short, to the famous bowl cut that everyone has been avoiding for decades. And that’s not all: its very name recalls one of the iconic – but not necessarily hair-inspiring – characters from the famous Super Mario Bros. video game, who goes by the name of Toad. Hardly the kind of thing that might appeal to the world’s most influential celebrities… And yet, the low-maintenance, casual-chic style of this haircut seems to be proving a hit with many.

So, what exactly is a mushroom bob?

Quite simply, it’s a bob cut that falls just above shoulder-length, sometimes shorter, taking the shape of a mushroom cap. And that’s it. While it may not yet be a trend in its own right on social networks, hashtags dedicated to the mushroom bob are already racking up tens of thousands of views on TikTok. As for celebrities, Megan Fox has already adopted the look, as have Lily Allen and Taylor LaShae. In other words, you’ll be in good company if you choose to embrace the mushroom bob before the year’s out.

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