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The Mandalorian: How do the Mandalorians eat?



Though the Mandalorians cannot take their helmets off in front of each other, they do split up and take their helmets off separately to eat.

The first thing that many fans knew about the Children of the Watch when they started watching The Mandalorian was that the Mandalorians are not allowed to remove their helmets.

However, Din Djarin revealed to Bo-Katan that they can remove their helmets to eat as long as they cannot see each other’s faces.

The Mandalorian: How do the Mandalorians eat?

Though it is by no means a newly-established fact that the Mandalorians in Disney+’s The Mandalorian, who subscribe to the “old ways” cannot take off their helmets, the recently released “Chapter 20 – The Foundling” episode has given fans some much-needed insight into how this all works.

Since the Mandalorians cannot remove their helmets or show their faces to other human beings, fan theory on how the Children of the Watch complete a simple task such as eating has ranged from a specialised eating hole to a primarily liquid diet.

But fortunately, The Mandalorian has now clarified that the Mandalorians eat just like any other humans, as long as they are on their own.

In this episode Din Djarin tells Bo-Katan that after the Mandalorians receive their rations, they all go off on their own so that they can take their helmets off to eat without risking being seen by other humans.

Does this rule apply to other daily functions as well?

The Mandalorian has not yet confirmed whether this food rule applies to other daily functions like bathing and grooming.

However, it is fair to assume that most Mandalorians probably conduct most of the parts of their routines that require them to be helmet-less outside of the company of other humans.

This is likely also why Din is shown to have styled hair and a groomed beard beneath his helmet.

Are there any exceptions to the helmet rule?

The Children of the Watch are a specific type of Mandalorians, who subscribe to the Way of the Mandalore (which is also referred to as the “old ways”) and follow the armour rule quite religiously and any Mandalorians who violate this rule will be ousted.

But there are other sects like Bo-Katan and her Night Owls, who take off their helmets regularly.

Why did this revelation disappoint fans?

Although most fans appreciated the clarity that this episode provided about how the Mandalorians eat and carry out other daily activities with their armour, it disappointed many fans to find out that this closely-held belief (that Din even travelled to the living waters beneath the mines of Mandalore for) only really mattered when the Mandalorians were in front of other people.

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