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The Buzz hosts share what to expect in new season



In an exclusive interview with JustNje, Pearl Umeh and Davina Mavuwa provided insight into what fans can expect in the new season of HONEY TV’s The Buzz.

Co-hosts of HONEY TV’s The Buzz, Pearl Umeh and Davina Mavuwa, on Monday, 24 May 2021, were virtually interviewed by JustNje to speak on their experiences on the popular talk show. Fronted by South Africa’s Anele Mdoda, the talk show features Zimbabwe’s Davina Mavuwa, Kenya’s Rachel Mwangemi, Nigeria’s Pearl Umeh and the DRC’s Zanna Katoka. According to a statement issued on Wednesday, 19 May 2021, “In each episode, a viewer writes in with their dilemma, which is what makes it special. The panelists then share their insights, experiences and views on the particular topic.”


On Wednesday, 26 May 2021, season five of the show will premiere. Speaking on the growth of the show since the first season, Umeh said, “The vibe is completely different [because] we have been friends from the first season. But we weren’t as free as we are in the fourth season. Now we know each [other] more, as girls, so it’s more of a proper conversation, more like talking. It’s not about trying to be politically correct [anymore.]”

Speaking on what fans of the show can expect in the new season, Mavuwa explained, “I think it’s the fun and it’s the real realness. You know, like from the beginning you guys were like you’re so real… No, season five we are real. Season five we are like you’re talking to your aunt, your sister who is like, ‘No, bro, that’s not how it works.’” Mavuwa added, “It’s no longer like we are going by the book, or what’s going to sound right or look right. Now we are just like a no is a no and a yes is a yes.”

The Buzz continues to air every Monday and Wednesday on HONEY TV, DStv channel 173, at 18:00 (CAT), 17:00 (WAT) and 19:00 (EAT).

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