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The Blacklist: Is Elizabeth Keen dead?



Elizabeth “Liz” Keen died during the season eight finale of The Blacklist, with the NBC series still ongoing and more exits in the season nine finale.

The Blacklist is the thrilling NBC action and drama series that first premiered in 2013 and is still running as it has been renewed for a tenth season. The tenth season is set to continue with major rearrangements in the cast as two more main supporting cast members exit the series.

Moreover, season nine’s premiere also began precariously after the exit of the series’ female lead, Megan Boone, who played the role of former FBI rookie, Elizabeth “Liz” Boone.

Liz died during the season eight finale, which came as a surprise to most fans, since news of her exit was only confirmed following her death in the story.

The Blacklist’s Season 10 Cast Exits

The Blacklist’s season nine finale aired on Friday, 27 May 2022. In keeping with the tradition of surprising conclusion and cast exits, the series confirmed the departure of main supporting characters, Amir Arison who played Aram Mojtabai and Laura Sohn who played Alina Park.

Arison had been part of the series since its inception, and Sohn joined the cast in the seventh season. However, there is a possibility that they will make cameo returns as John Eisendrath, series showrunner, stated:

“Amir has been a huge part of The Blacklist family. He’s a great actor and an even better person. We wish him well and hope he can return to reprise the role for some very special episodes next year.”

The Blacklist: Is Elizabeth Keen Dead?

The Blacklist’s initial premise was, “A new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen, has her entire life uprooted when a mysterious criminal, Raymond Reddington, who has eluded capture for decades, turns himself in and insists on speaking only to her.”

In light of the fact that she is the title character of the show, it was a surprise when Elizabeth “Liz” Keen died in the season eight finale in June 2021.

While the news of her exit was not widespread prior to the season eight finale, Deadline officially broke the story just days before the finale, with NBC remaining mum about it.

It was a bitter season eight finale when Liz was killed before finding out the truth about the real identity of Red. Fan theories suggest that the real Red is actually her mother, Katarina.

In the world of the story, Liz is shot after being unable to pull the trigger on Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader.

She is shot by Elias VanDyke just before Raymond can avenge her fatal shooting. Liz dies in Raymond’s arms with a touching flashback of all the people she held dear in her life.

Probably the most disappointing aspect about Liz’s death for fans is the fact that she did not find out the truth.

Especially considering that the letter with Red’s real identity was within her grasp, and Raymond was there, either to tell her the truth or for Liz to reveal during those final moments that she knew the truth.

Why Did Megan Boone Leave The Blacklist?

When rumours circulated that Megan Boone was leaving The Blacklist, and both the actress and NBC were mum on the matter, it suggested that there might be drama behind the scenes fueling the decision.

However, following the death of her character on the series, it was revealed that Boone sought new acting pursuits, and her first big move to that end was establishing her own production company, Weird Sister.

The production company signed its first-look deal with Sony Pictures Television (SPTV), which is part of the studio that produced The Blacklist.

Megan Boone On Aspirations Following The Blacklist Exit

Following her exit from The Blacklist, the launch of her production company, Weird Sister, and its first-look deal with SPTV, Megan Boone was finally able to share formal word on her exit and plans for the future.

The actress turned television producer stated, “I am beyond excited to have a home at SPTV where I can branch out and continue to work with this incredible team. They have been instrumental in my career, and fundamentally believe in my vision for Weird Sister. I’m thrilled for this new chapter.”

NBC On Megan Boone

After the confirmation of Megan Boone’s exit from The Blacklist and her continued working relationship with NBC/ SPTV, President of SPTV, Jeff Frost shared official word on Boone and her significance to the series, stating:

“Megan was instrumental in the success of Blacklist and we are elated she will continue to be an integral member of the Sony family.”

Frost went on to add, “Megan’s artistic prowess and vision is extremely complimentary to our creative focus and direction and we’re very excited about developing new projects with her. We look forward to much continued success together.”

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