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Bring together a group of friends to engage in daily challenges, fostering a supportive environment that helps everyone to stay motivated.

Sure, you can get a great workout with complicated (and expensive) exercise machines, but since it’s the festive season why not try using something as simple as a staircase?

People spend an estimated two-thirds of their lives at their place of employment. To stay healthy, we need to find ways to incorporate physical activity into our workday.

Daily living activities like climbing the stairs can make a significant contribution to the minimum 30 minutes of exercise we all need daily. The 30 minutes can be accumulated a bit at a time, or one stairway at a time, spread at intervals throughout the day. Do it your way.

Benefits of taking the stairs

Physical activities like stair climbing are a great way to cope with job-related stress. Adding stairs to your day can add years to your life. Studies show that risk of cardiovascular disease and death is lower among those who are regular stair climbers. It can also add life to your years. Those who climb stairs on a daily basis have greater leg strength and aerobic capacity, allowing them to participate more fully in a wide range of daily activities.


  • The size of footwear should be fit to provide cushioning and stability for walking.
  • Leave plenty of room for the toes with a snug, comfortable heel.
  • You need solid support and good cushioning inside the shoe.
  • A firm, resistant heel counter outside the shoe is a must.
  • Invest in shoes with non-slippery soles. Shoes should be flexible.
  • Wear socks (optional)
  • Make sure that you warm up at the beginning and cool down towards the end of your exercise session.
  • Choose the platform height that would not require bending your knees more than 900.
  • The stair should be dry, well-lit, well-ventilated and free of obstacles.
  • Keep good posture

    • While stepping, relax your neck and keep it straight.
    • Keep your back straight. Do not arch your back which may cause back pain.
    • Keep your shoulders relaxed.
    • Keep the correct stepping technique.
    • Always place the entire foot on the step.
    • Step quietly. Pounding can stress the ankles and knees.
    •  Keep an eye on the step at all times.
    • Do not use hand weights. They greatly increase the risk of injury and provide no benefit.
    • If you want to add extra weight, use ankle weights rather.


  • Do not take deep stairs or several shallow ones at a time. Avoid skipping steps as well by taking two or three at a time.

    Promoting a stair-climbing campaign in your organisation, workplace or residential area is an easy and interesting health promoting activity. If you can, gather some friends or colleagues and challenge each other to climbing stairs on a daily basis. It always helps to have accountability partners. Happy stair climbing…

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