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Steve Hofmeyrs wife diagnosed with rare autoimmune disease (VIDEO)



After many tests, I have been diagnosed with Addison’s disease,” Janine Hofmeyr shared on social media.

After Steve Hofmeyr said last week on his Facebook page that his wife, Janine, was admitted to hospital for observation, she was discharged from Cintocare Hospital in Pretoria on Friday.

On Monday, she shared her diagnosis on social media.

“After many tests, I have been diagnosed with Addison’s disease. It’s a very rare autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks your adrenal glands to the point where they don’t function anymore. It’s a long recovery process, and I’m taking it one hour at a time.

“I’m sharing my diagnosis here because I realise how few people know about it. Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with it, because support networks are scarce.”

She went on to say that she is blessed with so many people who care and are there for her when she needs it. “It makes everything a little better.”

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