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Sling TV vs FuboTV



When you are trying to decide between Sling TV and FuboTV, it is important to consider and compare their different packages, channels, and add-ons.

Streaming services have become a popular alternative to cable services as they offer more control and convenience.

Sling TV and FuboTV are two of the most popular streaming services on the market and they both have several packages with various channel offerings and special add-ons that potential subscribers should consider.

The Benefits Of Streaming Services

With how technology and connectivity has improved over the years, cable television has struggled to keep up with the control and convenience that streaming services offer viewers.

Many people choose to subscribe to streaming services because of how much control that they get from these services.

When you sign up for a streaming service, you know exactly which shows are available to you and may even be able to choose specific episodes from your favourite shows to watch, when and where you want to in that moment.

All of these benefits come at a set cost, which is often also less than a traditional cable subscription is.

Sling TV Vs FuboTV

When it comes to streaming services, Sling TV and FuboTV are some of the most popular platforms currently. These two platforms are similar in the sense that they both offer their own libraries of live and on-demand content for users to stream.

These services act as alternatives to traditional cable television packages in the modern digital age.

Both of these streaming services are supported by most Android and iOS devices, but it is important to ensure that your specific devices is compatible with the streaming service that you choose, as having an incompatible device may negatively influence your streaming experience.

Another bonus is that neither Sling TV nor FuboTV require that you enter into a long term contract or agreement when you first sign up with them.

This means that you get the opportunity to try each platform separately to figure out which one suits your personal preferences best.

The most important differences to examine when it comes to these two similar streaming platforms, in order for you to decide which one works best for you, your lifestyle, and your preferences, include:

  • The packages and prices offered by each streaming platform
  • The differences in the available channels on each streaming platform
  • The extras that you can add on with each streaming platform

Sling TV vs FuboTV packages and prices

To quickly compare the differences between what Sling TV and FuboTV offer, it may be useful to consider these factors:

FuboTV packages

Sling TV packages

Package namePackage price per monthNumber of channels offeredPackage namePackage price per monthNumber of channels offered
Pro$69.99Over 110Orange$3532
Elite$79.99Over 160Blue$3543
Latino Quarterly$3340Combination$5051

From this comparison, it becomes clear that Sling TV is best for people who prefer a more affordable package with just the basics, where FuboTV offers a wider variety of channels at a higher price point.

Sling TV channels vs FuboTV channels

Both Sling TV and FuboTV offer many of the top channels and sports channels that usually draw people to streaming services. However, more specifically, it is important to consider some of the channels that are on one platform but not on the other, including:

Streaming serviceChannels on this streaming service that is not on the other
Sling TVA&E, Cartoon Network, CNN, History, Lifetime, TBS, TNT, and truTV
FuboTVDisney Junior, FXX, Hallmark Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, VH1, and WE TV.

FuboTV is considered the better streaming service for people who are interested in sporting channels, since it has a high number of sporting channels, including beIN SPORTS, Big 10 Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FOX Sports 1 and 2, NBC Sports Network, and many more.

In comparison, Sling TV has a more limited library, but still features popular channels like AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN, and more. The choice really comes down to your personal preference.

Sling TV vs FuboTV add-ons

If you are still unsure whether the monthly subscription fee is worth it for these streaming services or you cannot decide between the two, each platform also offers their own add-ons for additional  fees, which may improve the overall package offering, including:

FuboTVSling TV
Add-onPrice additionAdd-onPrice addition
Family Share$6Sports Extra$11
Sports Plus$11Best of Spanish TV$10
Added DVR space$10 – $17Comedy Extra$6
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