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Sana Javed’s Ex-Husband Umair Jaiswal Was Friends With Shoaib Malik, Here’s Proof



The announcement of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik‘s wedding with Pakistani actor Sana Javed on Saturday surprised many. A Reddit page has uncovered an old Instagram Story by Shoaib Malik from last year, where he extended birthday wishes to Sana Javed and tagged her then-husband Umair Jaiswal. This revelation confirms that Shoaib Malik was not only friends with Sana but was also acquainted with her husband a year ago.

On March 25, Shoaib Malik had posted a pleasant picture with Javed on his Instagram Stories, accompanied by a ‘Happy Birthday’ sticker. In this post, he tagged both Sana Javed and her then-husband Umair Jaiswal.

After a Reddit user shared Shoaib’s old post, a fan drew a comparison between Shoaib Malik and American singer Nick Jonas, who is married to Priyanka Chopra. The fan expressed the sentiment, “Hmara jiju kaisa ho Nick Jonas jaisa ho” (we should have a brother-in-law like Nick Jonas). Another commenter empathized, stating, “I feel bad for both Sania and Umair.”

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Commenting on Shoaib and Sana’s wedding, a Reddit user expressed shock, stating, “I am shocked by the fact that Sana Javed is actually divorced, as there were rumors of separation from Umair, but no official divorce confirmation. The next thing I see, she is married to Sania’s husband. Is this the reason why Sana separated from Umair? It must be… were they having an affair? I think so. She disappoints me. I am not Pakistani but watch Pak dramas from the UK, and I really liked her as an actress after seeing a few of her shows… but this is so disappointing. Both cheaters deserve each other.”

Shoaib Malik’s wedding post also led to confirmation that he and tennis champion Sania Mirza were indeed divorced. Hours after his post, Sania’s family members confirmed that she and Shoaib Malik got divorced a few months ago. However, it’s not clear when Sana Javed and Umair Jaiswal got divorced.

In the comments section, some users also shared another old post by Shoaib. In reference to Sana Javed in 2022, he had written, “I have known Sana Javed for quite some time now and have had the opportunity to work with her multiple times. From my personal experience, I can only say that she has always been kind and courteous towards me and the people around us.”

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