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ATM is not linked to Zuma or Ace Magashule, says ATM president

ATM president Vuyo Zungula said he could not give the membership figures of the party but said it was growing.

The president of the African Transformation Movement (ATM) Vuyo Zungula said there was no link between the ATM and former president Jacob Zuma.

Zungula also said the party was not founded by Ace Magashule.

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In a podcast with The Citizen, Zungula said the ATM was formed by churches, civic organisations and like-minded people who wanted to live in a better South Africa.

Zungula also explained the party’s relationship with the EFF, saying that there was no concrete formation of a leftist alliance that would stand together against the DA-led Multi-Party Charter.

The ATM has also been criticised for attending the manifesto launches of parties such as the EFF and PAC. But Zungula said the party maintained good relations with other political parties.

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Zungula also said there was no confusion about the party’s foreign policy. He said he believed that Zimbabweans should take control of the destiny of their country and not just escape to live in other countries.

LISTEN: ATM’s Zungula says he’s not associated with Zuma or Magashule

Zungula also spoke about the party’s land policies and issues such as youth unemployment and the rule of law. He said prisoners in South Africa should contribute to the betterment of society by participating in projects which contributed to nation building.
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