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Parking Wars: Where are they now?



The Parking Wars cast have really gone in various directions since the show was canceled all those years ago in 2012.

The experience of getting a ticket or even having your car towed is likely not one that many people would want captured on film forever.

However, Parking Wars, an A&E series that does just that, did gain a fairly loyal following while it was on the air.

Parking Wars followed real members of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) as they went about their busy days writing tickets, towing cars, and even “booting” vehicles with outstanding parking violations.

And while this may not seem like the most exciting format, the ensuing battles between the members of the PPA and the general public who crossed the line would often get quite heated and are still seriously entertaining to watch play out on-screen.

What really happened to the Parking Wars cast

Parking Wars aired from January 2008 to December 2012, and over the course of the show’s seven seasons, fans not only got to know the ins and outs of the PPA’s systems but also the loyal workers who enforced this system day in and day out.

As it has now been over a decade since the very last episode of Parking Wars aired, you may find yourself wondering about what exactly happened to the people who starred in the series.

In reality, it seems as though most of the old Parking Wars cast members simply went on with their lives when the cameras stopped rolling.

And as a result, some cast members have moved on to other careers or have retired, some have moved away, some have passed away, and some have stayed with the PPA, and are still working to enforce the parking laws to this day.

What happened after the Parking Wars ended?

Most of the old Parking Wars cast members went their separate ways after the show was canceled in 2012. Their departures from the PPA can be summarized as follows:

Parking Wars cast memberDeparture from the PPA
DeAndre “Ponytail” HubbardNow works for the Municipal Parking Department in Detroit
Shawn MorelandLeft the PPA
Jennifer SawyerLeft the PPA in 2017
Jeffery WidmanLeft the PPA

What happened to Sherry and Garfield?

Parking Wars featured quite a few PPA dynamic duos during its time one the air, but none of these teams ever came close to the fanfare over Sherry and Garfield.

Steven “Steve” Garfield and Sherry Royal make up one of the most popular parking crime-busting teams on the entire show.

Unfortunately, though, this team did not survive for long after the show finished filming. Garfield retired from the PPA in 2015 (three years after the show’s last episode aired) and Sherry left shortly thereafter.

And while Garfield’s Facebook page does reveal that he seems to be enjoying the rest and relaxation that retired life brings and a LinkedIn profile for Sherry discloses that she has been working as a bus driver since 2018, it does not seem like the duo has kept in touch over the years.

Some of the Parking Wars cast members have passed away

If you are a particularly avid Parking Wars fan, you may remember seeing an “in memory of Nicholas Rod” section at the end of one of the season five episodes.

This was to commemorate Nicholas, one of the show’s cast members who sadly passed away in 2011.

However, unfortunately, Nicholas is not the only Parking Wars cast member who has passed away.

Mark Vodopija, an Impound Lot officer featured on the show, passed away in 2009, and Lawrence “Larry” Berger, who viewers may remember as one of the Lot Officers featured on the show, passed away in 2018.

A few of the original Parking Wars cast members who still work for the PPA

Although most of the Parking Wars cast members have now moved away from the PPA, some of the show’s cast members stayed and have now even moved up in the ranks.

Anthony Kuczynski is one such cast member. Fans and viewers may remember Anthony as the Lot Head Supervisor, but he has actually now been promoted to Director of Enforcement at the PPA.

And Fatima Pratt, who fans will remember as one of the meter technicians featured on the show, still lists “Meter technician at Philadelphia Parking Authority” as her current occupation on her Facebook page.

Some sources have also reported that Gina Bova, another officer who became a quick fan-favorite on the series, is also still working for the PPA to this day (Gina does keep her personal life very private, so this is difficult to confirm).

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