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New York’s fashion industry gets a sustainability boost | Sustainability News USA



Governor Kathy Hochul celebrated New York’s world-renowned fashion industry and its role in driving the State economy as part of the kick-off for New York Fashion Week.

The industry continues to be a significant employment and economic engine for the State, employing around 312,000 people in New York and generating over US $ 24 billion in salaries for the entire state annually. It also advances the nation’s leading efforts to sustainability and environmental stewardship. In addition, Governor Hochul unveiled the suggestions made by the Natural Textile Development Workgroup, whose goal was to boost the contribution of natural fibres and textiles—the fundamental components of the fashion industry—to the State’s economy.

The Governor has included a US $ 5 million investment for hemp and biobased product processing in the budget, which might boost the production of fibre that could be used in apparel and design.

The Natural Textile Development Workgroup, which was assembled by Empire State Development, the Department of Agriculture and Markets, and many stakeholders from the textile industry and other relevant fields, made its suggestions known to the public through Governor Hochul’s announcement. The workgroup’s objectives include researching and determining how to boost the natural fibre and textile industry’s economic contribution to New York State; expanding the sector’s employment base; figuring out how to encourage and boost private investment in the state’s natural fibre and textile production and processing companies; promoting the growth of new companies within and supporting the natural fibre industry; and enhancing public awareness of the advantages of natural fibre textiles and the opportunities for sales within, and outside New York State.

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