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Move up Musk One giant leap for a can of baked beans into space



Various retailers have special plans for Leap Day, but they will battle to top Game’s plan to send a can of baked beans into space.

One small step for man, one giant leap for … a can of baked beans into space as retailer Game celebrates Leap Day. Not even Elon Musk has thought of this one, although he did launch a Tesla into space once.

The can will be launched from Game’s Potchefstroom store using a custom weather balloon to ensure the launch as well as the trip are eco-friendly. Once the balloon reaches a certain height, it will come back down to ensure it leaves behind no damage and remnants, seeing that space around earth is already littered with debris from other space expeditions and a Tesla.

The can’s trip to space was meticulously planned to ensure safety is maintained at all times and the whole trip will be filmed and monitored, Michelle Kemp, external communications manager for Game, says.

Sending baked beans into space

Game is playing in space as part of its 2024 Leap Day campaign, with the iconic South African staple – one giant leap for essential products. Kemp says Game is the first local retailer to do this, once again making history.

“Koo baked beans are unquestionably one of our customers’ most favourite products, across the country. The sales of essential groceries and pantry items continues to increase, as our shoppers focus on stocking their pantries, feeding their families and treating themselves in the most cost effective way possible.”

This is what inspired Game to use an essential product for this exciting activation, Kemp says.

You can watch the video here:

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