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Meet the looksmaxxers guys ready to do anything to look their best



With their white teeth, athletic bodies, impeccable hair, flawless skin and square jaws, younger generations of men are going all out to improve their appearance.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘looksmaxxing’ is “the process of making yourself look better commonly used by incels”, in other words, involuntarily celibate men. The idea is simple: to use all possible means – sometimes even the most dangerous – to improve your physical appearance to appear more attractive to others, especially women.

Contrary to what you might think, while the term is gaining in popularity, it’s far from new, and is thought to have originated on incel discussion forums and in the manosphere before becoming a broader trend on social networks, as the New York Times explains. It’s now the younger generations who are embracing ‘looksmaxxing’, and making an ever-greater contribution to transforming men’s grooming routines.

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