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Manifest: Why did everyone hate Angelina?



Everyone hated Angelina by the end of the third season of Manifest, because she became obsessed and kidnapped Eden, killing Grace in the process.

There are good and bad aspects in Manifest, but its complex plot is definitely one of the reasons why fans enjoy watching the show.

One of the most complex characters on the show is Angelina. When she is first introduced, she is just a shy, abused girl, but viewers quickly grew to hate her by the end of the third season, and this was exacerbated in season four.

The good and the bad of Manifest

The first episode of Manifest aired in 2018 and since then, the show has received mixed reviews.

Many viewers are sceptical about whether they should even start watching the series at all or continue watching just to be left with a cliff-hanger at the end.

This is why it is important to consider all of the positive and all of the negative aspects of the show. People seem to be in agreement that the best part of the show is its intriguing premise.

However, the thing that most viewers have been disappointed by is the fact that the intricate plot never really seems to come together, and viewers are often left with more questions than answers by the time that an episode finishes.

Manifest: Why did everyone hate Angelina?

Once you start watching Manifest, you will realise pretty quickly that there is no shortage of mysteries on the show when it comes to what really happened to Flight 828, what will happen with the callings, and who the good guys in the story really are.

When it comes to bad guys pretending to be good guys, Angelina Meyer, who is played by Holly Taylor on the show, had become one of the most prolific villains on the show, even though she started out as a young, abused woman at first.

Angelina was first introduced to viewers of the show in the first episode of the third season, when Michaela and Zeke find her in Costa Rica imprisoned in the basement of her overly-religious parents’ house.

Her parents believe that her callings are as a result of dealings with the devil. Michaela, Zeke, and most of the fans of the show took pity on Angelina at first.

However, as season three advanced, it became increasingly apparent that the years of abuse had made Angelina very unstable. Angeline eventually started dressing and acting like Olive.

However, what made fans really hate Angelina at the end of the third season of Manifest was the fact that she became so obsessed with the idea that the Stones’ baby girl, Eden was her guardian angel, that she kidnapped her and killed Grace in the process.

By the end of the first part of season four, Angelina had really cemented her role as a villain when she absorbed the last shard of the omega sapphire.

Why do fans hate Angelina in season four of Manifest?

Although fans of the show could really see Angelina devolving as season three went on and finally reach a low point when she kidnaps Eden in the finale episode, titled “Mayday: Part 2,” it is also evident that fans dislike Angelina even more now that part one of season four has aired.

When viewers first see Angelina and Eden in season four, Eden has clearly been brainwashed to believe that Angelina is her real mother, and that Ben is a bad person.

She also does not show any regret for killing Grace at all, and it is clear that there is not much left of the innocent girl from the beginning of season three left in her character.

Why is Angelina one of the worst villains in Manifest?

Most fans and critics agree that out of all of the villains on the show, and there are many, Angelina is one of the worst, because she is so good at appearing naïve and innocent to get sympathy and grace, then she turns around to act out her evil plans.

Not to mention that she has absorbed the Omega Sapphire by the end of the first part of season four and this spells disaster for the entire world as she has now damned it to the death date.

How does Holly Taylor feel about playing such a hated character?

When Holly Taylor was asked about how her character was slowly becoming more erratic in season four of Manifest, she said that she just hopes every week that Angelina can somehow be redeemed in the script, so that she can eventually play a more stable version of the character.

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