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Korean Netizens Thank Foreign Fans After Their Treatment Of livenews24



livenews recently received an apology after an iMBC journalist shaded her in a photo article. The article was completely unrelated to her past kalguksu controversy. Fans were upset that the title contained an acrostic poem reference to “kalguksu.”

Fans and netizens have been showing Minji more support than ever. As she attended Chanel’s fashion show in Paris on January 23, 2024, fans crowded the venue to see the star. As she boarded her van, a group of fans approached her. They showered her with praises while even dancing to NewJeans’ hit songs!

She was so touched by the support that the recorded the moment using her phone. Due to the kind love and warmth from French fans, Korean netizens have expressed their gratitude.

  • I hope Minji is always this happy.
  • French Bunnies really touched me. I’m so grateful they were able to make Minji smile.
  • Minji’s popularity is the same wherever she goes. In the end, it’s just the antis that are bullsh*tting.
  • Paris Bunnies welcomed Minji so warmly, and even danced to “ETA” and “OMG” while cheering her on. Thank you so much. Minji fighting! You’re so pretty and lovely.
  • I hope Minji finds strength watching that. Everyone is working hard to cheer you on. It’s so great that you showed your calmness in the face of those worthless haters. I’m so impressed by the true Bunnies who waited for her at the airport. Thank you so much. Minji, please do well on stage today too.
  • I’m so thankful to the foreign Bunnies. They always show up.
  • Minji, there’s so much more people cheering you on! I hope more more more days where you smile will come. French Bunnies are the best! Thank you!

It’s a beautiful sight where fans unite regardless of their nationality!

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