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Is Tom Schwartz Dating Anyone? Are Katie Flood and Tom Schwartz Still Friends?



Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz, recently featured on Winter House Season 3, is not currently dating anyone, clarifying that his connection with Below Deck Mediterranean alum Katie Flood has evolved into a strong friendship.

Is Tom Schwartz Dating Anyone?

As of now, Tom Schwartz, known for his role on Vanderpump Rules, is not currently dating anyone. During Season 3 of Winter House, Schwartz found himself in a notable connection with Katie Flood, a former Below Deck Mediterranean cast member. Despite enjoying their time together and acknowledging their great chemistry, Schwartz clarified that their on-screen fling didn’t extend beyond the show.

Schwartz, who recently went through a divorce with ex-wife Katie Maloney, expressed concerns about potentially disrespecting his former spouse by getting involved with someone new on camera. Despite Katie Maloney’s reported support for Schwartz exploring new connections, he wanted to be cautious.

Currently single, Schwartz humorously mentioned that he would like a two-year extension before considering a new relationship. He emphasized his focus on self-improvement, including regular workouts, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and spending quality time with his family. Grateful for the health and stability of his loved ones, Schwartz is taking the time to savor the present moment.

Who is Tom Schwartz?

Tom Schwartz, known as “Schwartzy,” rose to fame on Vanderpump Rules, transitioning from Katie Maloney’s boyfriend to a part-owner of popular L.A. bars like TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s. Born in Woodbury, Minnesota, and raised in a close-knit family, including three famous Schwartz triplets, he studied pre-med at Florida State University before entering the modeling world.

Tom, at 41, stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch. Beyond TV, he manages his California bars and has a diverse career, from modeling to occasional acting. Schwartz’s entry into modeling was thanks to friends Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor, leading to roles on shows like True Blood.

His relationship with Katie Maloney, starting in 2011, faced ups and downs documented on the show, culminating in marriage and divorce in 2019. Despite the split, Schwartz continues to be a central figure in the Vanderpump Rules and Winter House series.

Are Katie Flood and Tom Schwartz Still Friends?

As of now, Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood from Winter House Season 3 remain good friends. While their on-screen romance included a “full-blown makeout” and thoughtful gestures like Tom buying Katie Flood $300 earrings, they clarified in a recent interview that they are not currently dating.

Tom emphasized their strong friendship, stating that they haven’t “friend-zoned” each other and stay in touch. Despite some initial challenges, such as Tom grappling with the fact that Katie Flood shares a name with his ex-wife, Katie Maloney, their connection has evolved into a supportive friendship.

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