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Is The Orange Bowl Cancelled? What Happened to the Orange Bowl?



The Orange Bowl is not canceled. The unexpected cancellation of a press conference has fueled speculation, particularly regarding a potential Florida State boycott, adding uncertainty to the upcoming game.

Is The Orange Bowl Cancelled?

As of now, the Orange Bowl has not been canceled, but a scheduled press conference featuring Florida State’s head coach Mike Norvell and Georgia’s head coach Kirby Smart has been unexpectedly called off. The reason for the cancellation remains undisclosed, leading to widespread speculation.

Many believe that Florida State might be considering a boycott in response to their exclusion from the College Football Playoff despite an undefeated season and an ACC Championship victory. Fans express mixed reactions, with some suggesting a strategic no-show by Florida State to disrupt the game’s proceedings.

Despite criticism, the Orange Bowl is still set to occur on December 30th. The unexpected cancellation of the press conference has added an element of uncertainty, leaving fans and analysts eager for further developments in the lead-up to the highly-anticipated game.

What Happened to the Orange Bowl?

The Orange Bowl faced uncertainty when the scheduled news conference with Georgia’s Kirby Smart and Florida State’s Mike Norvell was abruptly canceled. Speculation erupted, fueled by Florida State’s evident displeasure at being excluded from the College Football Playoff.

Fans voiced concerns, with some even anticipating a potential Florida State boycott of the game. Despite no clear indications of a cancellation, doubts lingered, especially considering the online discourse. Norvell had previously criticized the College Football Playoff selection committee for overlooking Florida State, making the Orange Bowl crucial for redemption.

The situation has left the college football community on edge, questioning the game’s fate and eagerly awaiting further developments in the unfolding narrative of the Orange Bowl’s uncertain status.

The Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl, a historic college football bowl game held annually in the Miami area since 1935, stands among the oldest bowl games in the U.S., alongside the Sugar Bowl and the Sun Bowl. Originally located at Miami Field, it moved to the Miami Orange Bowl in 1938 and later to its current venue, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, in 1996.

Sponsored by Capital One since December 2014, it was formerly backed by Discover Financial and FedEx. The Orange Bowl’s early years lacked specific conference ties, often featuring teams from different regions. From the 1950s to the mid-1990s, it had a strong association with the Big Eight Conference.

Since 2007, the Orange Bowl hosts the ACC champion, unless they qualify for the national championship playoff. Previously part of the BCS, it became a New Year’s Six bowl game in the College Football Playoff era, hosting national semifinals in 2015, 2018, and 2021. It will host again after the 2024 season.

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