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Is steam from cooking rice your latest beauty must-have?



A Korean TikToker reveals the beauty secret of his 44-year-old mother, who moisturises her face with steam from cooking rice to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? That’s the question you might ask yourself every time a new tip emerges on TikTok, even if it’s actually an age-old remedy. The fact remains that most of the time – let’s say quite often – the beauty tips and tricks found on the social network are not only effective, but also economical and eco-friendly… apart from those that are crazy, or even dangerous. And the latest find is likely to be the talk of the town, as it could be the answer to one of the signs of aging most feared by women – or by society – wrinkles.

User Justin Yoon (@justinyooniverse) is behind this latest viral beauty video. The young Korean, who seems more fond of video games than beauty tips, shares the routine of his 44-year-old mother, Lauren Kim. (@yooniversemom), herself a user of the platform. In this 40-second video, which has more than 29 million views, her son explains that his mother looks more like she’s in her 20s than in her 40s, and describes her daily routine.

At the end of the video, he points out that his mother uses a “strange” but effective beauty ritual involving moisturising her face daily with the steam from cooking rice. A tip that allows her to keep her skin smooth and plump, with no signs of aging

It’s worth noting, however, that Lauren Kim’s full routine is actually based on an exemplary lifestyle, if not one that is in line with well-known health recommendations: regular moderate-to-vigorous exercise, a healthy, balanced diet loaded with vegetables, and a beauty routine made up of masks, massages and rice water steam. Indeed, Lauren Kim has essentially embraced the fashionable concept of holistic beauty, which involves looking at beauty as a whole – inside and out – and thus adopting a healthy lifestyle that is then reflected through the skin. So, in this case, it’s hard to say whether the steam emanating from cooking rice is really a factor in preventing wrinkles.

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Still, this isn’t the first time that rice water has caused a stir on the Chinese social network. An age-old ritual in certain cultures, rice water has been known for its many virtues for centuries in Asia. Not only is it a great ally for combination to oily skin that tends to shine during the day, but it also helps to combat certain signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. In Asia, meanwhile, it’s hair that benefits from rice water’s ability to make it stronger, fuller and shinier, when used in the form of a mask. This economical tip has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, since it recycles cooking water.

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