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Icasa to host hearings on the Draft National & Provincial Party Elections Broadcasts & Political Ads



Icasa will host virtual public hearings on 8 December on the Draft National and Provincial Party Elections Broadcasts and Political Advertisements Amendment Regulations (the Regulations).

The hearings, which will run from 08h30 – 13h30, are per section 4(6) of the Electronic Communication Act, 2005 (Act No. 36 of 2005), as amended (ECA).

Update the vitally important framework

The proposed amendments to the Regulations aim to update the vitally important framework and guidelines governing Party Election Broadcasts (PEBs) and Political Advertisements (PAs) by Broadcasting Service Licensees (BSL) during the upcoming national and provincial elections.

These Regulations are instrumental in ensuring the equitable treatment of political parties and independent candidates by BSLs throughout the election period

The Authority published the Draft Amendment Regulations on 4 October 2023, and the closing date for written submissions was 17 November 2023.

After the publication of the Draft Amendment Regulations, the Authority held provincial workshops on the Draft Amendment Regulations in all nine provinces, between 24 October to 3 November 2023.

By the closing date, the Authority had received written submissions from nine stakeholders, namely:


    • Barberton Community Radio
    • Tthe Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP)
    • The Democratic Alliance (DA)
    • Kanyamazane Community Radio
    • Mkhondo FM
    • Mutsindo Community Media Trust
    • Rosestad FM
    • The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)
    • Voice of the Community FM.


Four stakeholders, namely CAP, DA, Mkhondo FM, and the SABC will be making oral presentations at the public hearings.


Interested stakeholders, media, and members of the public are invited to attend the public hearing as follows:


  • 08h30 – 08h45 Opening address Icasa: Chairperson of the Committee
  • 08h45 – 09h15 Presentation by CAP
  • 09h15 – 09h45 Question & Answer Icasa panel
  • 09h45 – 10h15 Presentation by DA
  • 10h15 – 10h45 Question & Answer Icasa Panel
  • 10h45 – 11h15 Break
  • 11h15 – 11h45 Presentation by SABC
  • 11h45 – 12h15 Question & Answer Icasa panel
  • 12h15 – 12h45 Presentation by Mkhondo FM
  • 12h45 – 13h15 Question & Answer Icasa panel
  • 13h15 – 13h30 Closure ICASA: Deputy chairperson of the Committee

Meeting ID: 368 815 299 771

Passcode: 76Ccci

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