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Here are the common signs your kids are being bullied



Learn about the signs indicating your child might be a target of bullying and find effective ways to help them.

Bullying among children is a big problem these days.

Bullying happens when someone repeatedly hurts or picks on another person on purpose. It can be hitting, teasing, or even saying mean things online.

This is a serious issue because it not only makes children feel bad right away but can also cause lasting problems.

Affinity Health, a company that helps with good health coverage, says bullying is a big problem as it can really affect how children and teens feel inside, messing with their emotions and minds.

“Bullying is a widespread concern that affects millions of children worldwide.
“Recognising common signs that a child may be experiencing bullying is essential for early intervention and ensuring their emotional well-being,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.

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