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Ginny & Georgia: Does Georgia marry Paul?



In Ginny & Georgia, Georgia and Paul do get married in the second season of the show, but Georgia gets arrested almost immediately afterwards.

Ginny & Georgia is an incredibly popular show, but like all shows, it has good and bad elements.

The mysteries that are revealed about Georgia’s past are one of the best parts of the show, but they almost prevented her from getting married to Paul. Fortunately, they made up and Georgia did marry Paul in the final episode of the second season.

The good and the bad aspects of Ginny & Georgia

The second season of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia premiered on 5 January 2023, and it was streamed for about 180.47 million hours within the first day of its release.

In fact, so many people tuned in to re-watch the first season again prior to the second season’s launch that it made it into Netflix’s top 10 shows.

However, even with this immense popularity, critics and fans agree that there are good things like the way the show deals with mental health issues and other serious topics.

It also deals with bad things like the show’s cringe-worthy dialogue and predictable storylines throughout its first and second seasons.

Ginny & Georgia: Does Georgia marry Paul?

One of the main reasons why fans of the show keep tuning in to watch it is because of the inherent element of mystery that is built into the plot.

Although the show follows the lives of Ginny and Georgia Miller as they adjust to their new lives in Wellsburg, it is also evident that Georgia’s mysterious past follows them everywhere they go.

In the second season, especially, things from Georgia’s past-like Ginny finding out the truth about how Kenny died, the investigator that Kenny’s ex-wife hired to investigate Georgia and the fact that Austin’s father was released managed to cause trouble for Georgia and her family.

However, these bad things from Georgia’s past only served as a reminder throughout this second season of how hard she has worked to finally get the kind of life that she has always wanted with Paul.

Although the couple also had their fair share of ups and down throughout this season, they managed to patch things up by the final episode of the season.

This tenth episode, titled “I’m No Cinderella” came as a bit of a surprise to fans who had been watching Georgia’s life slowly fall apart throughout the course of the second season.

But even after she confessed nearly every bad thing about her past and present life to Paul, he still wanted to marry her, and they ended up getting married at the town hall right before Georgia was unceremoniously arrested.

What happened after Georgia married Paul?

The final episode of the second season was a whirlwind and Ginny planned an entirely new wedding for Georgia and Paul.

However, Georgia and Paul finally said their vows and shared their first dance just before the police showed up to arrest her in front of all her guests at her wedding.

To add further insult to injury, when the police take her mugshots at the end of the episode, they use her new married name – “Georgia Randolph”.

Did Georgia expect to be arrested?

Ginny & Georgia sometimes makes it seem like Georgia has the answer to everything and can make a plan to get herself out of, or into, just about any situation.

However, based on the shocked look on her face when the police escort her to the back of their car, and the angry look on her face on her “Georgia Randolph” mugshots, it is clear that she did not see this arrest coming.

After all, she was convinced that Gabriel, the private investigator who had been investigating her past for the first and second seasons of the show, had nothing on her.

Will Georgia stay married to Paul in season three?

Paul proved during this second season of the show that he truly loves Georgia, despite all the things that he now knows about her past and her personality.

However, the actor that plays Paul in the show, Scott Porter, has said that he believes that for Paul and Georgia to stay married after her arrest, he will most likely demand complete honesty from her. It is unclear whether Georgia will be able to be so honest with him.

The show’s creator, Sarah Lampert, has also confirmed that many more of Georgia’s secrets will be exposed now that she has been arrested. But until the show is renewed for a third season and it is released, fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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