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Gigi Lamayne survives hijacking unharmed



Gigi Lamayne has revealed that she and her team were victims of a hijacking, which she survived by running for her life and using her phone to reach out for help.

Gigi Lamayne took to Twitter on Wednesday, 19 May 2021, to reveal that she and her team had been victims of a hijacking. According to the rapper, she was coming back from the album listening session of fellow rapper, Blxckie, when the incident happened.

She stated, “My team and I have just been hijacked. H1 JG 75 TF GP Hyundai 2019. Please keep a lookout. That’s why I have my phone. I just got out and I ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do.”

In a subsequent post, Lamayne went on to confirm that the car had been found. Additionally, she revealed that she was surprised that the car that the hijackers drove was an Audi A1. She went on to stress that the public needs to be vigilant and not be duped by the make of the car. In subsequent tweets, Lamayne detailed her fears as the hijackers threatened to physically violate her. However, she did confirm that she came out unharmed, except for a swollen ankle.

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