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Five of our favourite travelling bags that won’t completely break the bank



Is it time to replace your worn-out suitcases? We found some of the best online deals so you don’t have to spend hours walking around the mall to find travelling bags that suit your budget.

When it comes to choosing travelling bags, practicality should outweigh fashion, unfortunately. Instead of worrying about what your suitcases look like, there are several important points to consider before deciding on one.

The length of your trip

If you are not a frequent traveller, and only buying bags for an upcoming trip, consider how long you will be using your bags for. A suitcase for an international trip, for example, would look very different to one for a camping trip or spa weekend. You would also need a much bigger suitcase if you are going on a two-week holiday compared to one for a weekend camping trip.


Before you set out to buy luggage, decide how much money you are willing to spend and then focus your attention on searches within that price bracket. Hard-shelled suitcases, for example, are a little more expensive than soft-sided bags. If you are going on a camping trip or spa weekend, a canvas backpack might be a better option and possibly work out cheaper than a hard-shelled suitcase with wheels.


If you are going on an international trip, or even just travelling locally by plane, a suitcase with wheels that you can easily wheel through the airport is a lot more practical and comfortable than a suitcase with handles that you need to carry around. Also look at the handle of your suitcase – a handle that locks at various heights will ensure comfortable handling.

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Now that you have the three most important guidelines to consider before buying bags, take a look at some of our favourite online finds.

Travelling bags we love

Mainstays 3PC Bottega ChampagneGame, R2 999

Made from ABS material this set of three suitcases has single spinner wheels, a combination lock and comes with 2-year warranty.

3 Piece Hard Outer Shell Premium Lightweight Luggage Set- Apple Green, Makro, R1 099

The ABS exterior and sturdy ergonomic and high-quality iron trolley are combined to make this 3-piece set durable, reliable and long-lasting. ABS is an extremely lightweight and durable material which offers your luggage contents protection against all elements.

2 Piece Hard Outer Shell Luggage Set – Pink, Takealot, R898

This hard sided luggage set has a firm lock that keeps your belongings safe as well as 4 multi-directional wheels that make it a pleasure to travel with.

Pierre Cardin Gasper Luggage Spinner 3 Piece Set – white, Saleys, R3 900

This modern suitcase set is made from ABS and has 8 360 degree spinning wheels, perfect for international trips.


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