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Fine dining but no too pretentious – Franschhoek



A tale of two meals

I was doing so well with my end-of-year diet and weightloss programme until I went to Franschhoek in January.

Very little booze and careful consideration of what went on my plate meant I’d shed nine kilograms in the three months my girlfriend had been in Australia.

I undid a fair bit of good work in the course of a five-day road trip from Stellenbosch to Knysna but the damage was done by the end of day two.

How could it be otherwise after consecutive dinners at two of the finest restaurants in South Africa’s fine-dining capital (though Jozi residents might disagree)?

Both have been around a fair length of time and are well ensconced in Franschhoek’s gastronomic firmament but one of the two was a new discovery on my part.

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