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Film director Norman Maake on telling the hitmans story in new movie Inkabi



Norman Maake has directed films such as ‘Love Lives Here’ and ‘Piet’s Sake’. ‘Inkabi’ will be available on Netflix, globally.

South Africa is gripped by violence and at the centre of it, is the hitman who does the eventual execution.

Ongoing high profile cases of the murders of AKA and Senzo Meyiwa are clear indicators of the severity of the engrained violence in Mzansi society.

“It helps when you have a movie where the theme is topical, but I think South Africans will be interested in the film because of such things… and because of how we are affected by violence I think that dealing with inkabi or hitmen in the fiction space is something very appealing because it’s something that exists here at home,” film director Norman Maake told The Citizen.

But who are these hitmen and where do they come from? Are they cold heartless killers or they do this because they don’t have a choice?

Maake answers these and other questions in his latest film, Inkabi.

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