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“Exclusive Unveiling: Dr Malinga’s Upcoming Show Emerges Post Settling R2.1 Million SARS Debt”



“I cried and people helped me with love.’

Award-winning singer Dr Malinga set tongues wagging on social media after he broke down during his interview on Podcast and Chill last year while speaking about his financial troubles.

Since then, the singer says he has managed to bounce back through hard work and the assistance of the good Samaritans who lent a helping hand.

‘I no longer owe Sars,’ Dr Malinga

Speaking about how he ended up in debt during his recent interview on the B-Hive podcast, Dr Malinga said his accountant did him dirty

“My accountant messed up. I didn’t get good advice about my money. The money would be put into Lingas, but when I buy property or anything, I would buy them in my name.”

The singer and dancer said he eventually managed to settle his R2.1 million Sars debts.

“I no longer owe Sars that R2.1 million. That debt is paid off.”

He said besides the R150,000 that he received through donations from fans and celebrities such as Black Coffee, King Monada, Oskido, and others, he sold some of his properties to cover the debt.

“I cried and people helped me with love. They gave me about R150,000.”

He added that it doesn’t matter how people reacted to his story because, at the end of the day, he got the help that he needed.

Dr Malinga also announced that he has a new show coming next year. He said the show is about helping people in need.

“I cried, and I got help. Whether you laughed or not, at the end of the day, I got help. I have a show I will shoot next year called Khala Sigzize.”

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