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Eish Eskom! 6 tips to help you reduce your electricity bill



With Eskom’s new electricity tariff hikes that came into effect on Monday, consumers will need to find inventive ways to save on their electricity bill to make ends meet.

Despite Mzansi having been in the dark for the biggest part of 2024, power utility Eskom’s 2024/2025 regulator-approved tariff still came into effect on Monday, 1 April. Unfortunately, the 12.74% tariff increase is no April Fool’s joke.

South Africans have been cutting every possible corner and turned every penny twice, which still left them in a tight spot come months end. With the increased price of electricity, consumers will now have to find even more inventive ways to keep the lights on – when Eskom hasn’t switched them off.

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Here are 6 tips that can help your household save electricity and money:

While some of the below tips may sound very obvious, we don’t always implement them all the time. You will see quite a bit of savings by following the below energy saving tips religiously.

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