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Drumming for change



1000 drummers to gather at Constitution Hill for Human Rights Festival

On Human Rights Day the drums will be instrumental in a show of solidarity with those affected in Palestine.

Drums are said to be the oldest instrument and they hold a significant place in African culture.

The pulsating instrument is played to communicate, celebrate, mourn and inspire among others.

“We chose drums as even if you have never played a drum in your life before you can do so with a group of people, drums speak beyond language, culture, age, gender religion. We drum together in a single language of resistance when we use drums for social change,” executive director at Mehlo-Maya (eye-to-the-sun) Bobby Rodwell told The Citizen.

Rodwell is the organiser of the 1000 Drums for Palestine event, which is part of the Human Rights Festival taking place at Constitution Hill from the 21 to 24 March.

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