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Does Love die in You?



Love does end up dying at the end of the third season of You, on account of being injected with aconite by Joe.

Joe and Love may seem perfect for each other on paper, but in reality, their relationship is quite deadly to the people around them.

Sadly enough, by the end of the third season of You, after Love found out about Joe’s affair, this also turned out to be deadly for her. Joe killed her with aconite poison after she tried to poison him first.

Joe and Love’s twisted love story

When Love Quinn’s true nature was revealed near the end of the second season of You, it seemed as though Joe Goldberg had finally met his match, in more ways than one.

Although it initially seemed sweet that two such twisted people could somehow find each other and fall in love, in true You fashion, Joe and Love’s relationship turned to carnage fairly quickly.

Throughout the course of the second and third seasons of the show, Joe and Love managed to rack up a kill count of 15 people.

Does Love die in You?

It seems like every new season of You is filled with even more intrigue, drama, and murder than the previous. This was especially true for the third season of the show.

After fleeing Los Angeles in the second season, it seemed at first that Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) would retire their stalking and killing in favour of living a quiet, blissful lives in the Silicon Valley suburbs.

However, both Joe and Love went back to their old ways pretty quickly. Love started an affair with Theo, their neighbour, and Joe became obsessed with Marienne, the Madre Linda librarian.

Even though Joe and Love had both cheated, Love just could not cope with the thought of losing Joe and she became murderous with rage when she discovered his affair.

Love’s rage only intensified when she realised that Joe must have been the one who killed Ryan so that he and Marianne could be together. As such, Love cooks Joe a special dinner which she uses dose Joe with aconite.

To Joe’s credit, he picked up on what Love was planning and took adrenaline to counteract the effect of the aconite. He also prepared his own syringe of aconite which he used to stab Love and she passes away as a result.

To make matters worse, Joe uses Love’s death as an excuse to frame her for all of his murders and skips town shortly thereafter.

Why did Love use aconite to try and poison Joe?

The dinner with Joe in the third season is not the first time that Love has used aconite to poison one of her lovers – she also used aconite to kill her first husband.

However, she claims that she never intended to kill James and that she only wanted the aconite to stop him so that they could talk.

In the end, aconite became Love’s signature poison and since she had it on hand in her garden and knew which dosage to use, it was probably her first weapon choice for murdering Joe.

Did Victoria Pedretti know the fate of her character?

You fans are fairly used to being surprised by the show by now, but the shocking ending of this season, when Love tries to kill Joe and then ends up being killed instead, was truly unexpected.

However, Victoria Pedretti (who plays Love on the show) has admitted that she knew before she even started playing her role on the show that her character would be killed off, but that she would love to return to the show, dead or alive, in the future.

How did Joe get away with Love’s murder?

Joe is no stranger to disposing of bodies and skipping town to avoid the consequences of his murders, but since he and Love were so closely connected, it seemed impossible at first that he could just walk away after killing her.

However, as always, he pulled off one of the most elaborate cover-ups in the history of the show. To begin with, he frames Love’s death as a murder-suicide and even stages a fire in their home.

He also cuts off two of his own toes to send along with the fake suicide note to the Madre Linda Homeowner’s Association, which leads them to believe that he is dead.

In the end, Joe not only manages to blame all of the carnage that he caused on Love and exonerate himself for her murder, but he also gives himself a fresh start under a brand new identity.

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