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Does Kate die in You?



Kate does not die in the first part of You season four, but this does not mean that Joe or Rhys will not kill her later on.

While Joe Goldberg has not had the best experience with finding love in the past, he does get an opportunity to find love with Marianne or Kate in the fourth season.

Although Kate seems doomed from the beginning because of her rich father and her budding relationship with Joe, she is still alive by the end of the first part of You season four.

Joe Goldberg’s season 4 love interests

Historically speaking, any female character who manages to catch Joe Goldberg’s eye is as good as dead.

In fact, in the first three seasons of You so far, Joe has killed Guinevere Beck, his girlfriend in the first season, and his wife, Love, in the second and third seasons of the show.

By the fourth season of the series, Joe has sworn that he will change his ways. Unfortunately, this only lasted as long as it took him to hunt down Marianne, with whom he is clearly still obsessed, and Kate, who Joe meets on his European vacation.

Does Kate die in You?

Interestingly enough, the fourth season of You does not start off with Joe stumbling across his new love interest for the season as most of the others have. Although Joe does travel to Paris to track Marienne down, their encounter does not last long.

He spends most of the first few episodes of the season trying to adjust to his new life in London, complete with a new wealthy group of friends and a serial killer stalker.

However, Joe being Joe, it does not take long for him to become obsessed with yet another beautiful and complicated woman called Kate.

Kate was definitely suspicious of Joe when they first met, but they did end up sleeping together twice. Joe even rejected her offer to get a drink at the end of the fifth episode to try and protect her.

Unfortunately, up until now, all of the girls that Joe has tried to protect have ended up dead, hence, fans know that this does not bode well for Kate’s fate on the show.

Fortunately, by the end of the first part of season four, Kate has not yet been killed by Joe or the “Eat The Rich killer.”

However, given that her dad is one of the richest men on earth, it may not be long until Rhys involves her in one of his plots in the next part of the season.

Why would Rhys target Kate?

Kate has always been transparent about the fact that she has no real relationship with her father and that she does not want anything to do with him.

However, since Tom Lockwood is brought up so often and Kate’s relation to him makes her the richest member of their friend group, it is unlikely that Rhys (a.k.a the “Eat The Rich killer”) will just let her live because Joe likes her.

In fact, Rhys has actually encouraged Joe to kill her on numerous occasions, so it is likely that this will be the main conflict of the second part of the season.

Other questions about the second part of You season 4

Whether Kate will die in the second part of You season four or not remains to be seen, but this is not the only plot point that fans have been wondering about since the first part of the season ended. Other questions include:

  • Will Joe go back to kill Marianne?
  • Will Love’s father come after Joe when he realises that he is not dead after all?
  • Does Rhys know about Joe’s true identity and his past?

About the second part of You season 4

With all of these burning questions hanging in the air and so many plot points that still have to be tied together, many fans cannot wait for the second part of the fourth season to air.

There is no official reason why Netflix decided to split this season of You into two parts when all of the episodes of the previous seasons were released 10 at a time, but it is probably just to build tension around what will happen in the next season.

This second instalment should also help to give fans some clarity about whether Kate is doomed to the same fate as Joe’s previous love interests.

Unfortunately, the second part of season four, with episodes six to 10 will only be available a month after the first part aired on 9 March 2023. This instalment will be on Netflix from 12 a.m. PT.

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