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Does HBO Max have a student discount?



HBO Max does not have a student discount, but it does suggest subscribing to its lowest package offering if you are a student looking to subscribe.


The paid subscription, video-on-demand streaming service industry has seen an influx of new entrants during the latter half of the 2010s. As a result, these new service providers have tried various methods by which to allure new subscribers to their services.

What Is HBO Max?

Launched in May 2020, HBO Max is owned by Warner Bros. The stand-alone video-on-demand platform is home to all the HBO content available for instant streaming via the service.

The service has popular shows including Game of ThronesMad Men, and its current flagship series, Euphoria, featuring actress Zendaya as the lead. It initially launched in the United States, then in Latin America and in the Caribbean in June 2020.

By March 2022, the service had infiltrated most of the Central and the Eastern European market. To date, it is touted as having over 70 million subscribers, and it continues to grow in the market.

Does HBO Max Have A Student Discount?

HBO Max does not have a student discount, which would have allowed college and university students with proof of their registration to subscribe to the streaming service at a discounted rate.

Instead, the platform suggests that those looking for a discount can subscribe to their lowest package of $9.99 per month. Alternatively, you could pay $99.99 annually to save on the cost of the package.

The standard package offers the subscriber the ability to enjoy HBO Max’s extensive video-on-demand library and the ability to create five profiles on one account.

However, you will not be able to download the films and television shows for offline viewing or enjoy the simultaneous release of Warner Bros films on the platform, before the actual movie theatre premiere.

Additionally, viewers should be aware that unlike many other providers, subscription to the platform is immediate and does not offer a free trial period option.

A Hack To A Discounted HBO Max Subscription

While HBO Max does not offer a student discount, there is a hack you can use to get a discounted HBO Max subscription, which is to subscribe to the QVC channel via their cable provider

QVC gives the subscriber a $15 discount for every person who joins per the subscriber’s recommendation, but the person must share the same address as the original subscriber.

This would allow you to get a discounted price on your subscription indirectly, while giving you access to the HBO Max extensive library.

Can I Cancel HBO Max?

Cancelling your HBO Max subscription is very easy. All you need to do is log onto your account profile.

Thereafter, click on the “View My Account” option, follow the instructions to change your payment information, and choose the “Cancel” option, which will reflect immediately through a confirmation email sent to your email address.

Moreover, if you do not get the confirmation email that your subscription has been cancelled, it is important to verify that you have indeed cancelled your subscription or risk being billed. If this technical error does occur, it is non-refundable.

What Video On-Demand Services Offer Student Discounts?

While HBO Max does not offer student discounts, there are other popular paid subscription services that do.

Therefore, if you are looking for a video-on-demand platform that does have an extensive catalogue of on-demand programming, and not specifically a HBO Max subscription, you could try out other leading and premium services such as Hulu, Discovery Plus, and previously HBO which, seemingly, has been discontinued, possibly because the service does not have access to its library.

Final Thoughts

HBO Max has garnered popularity in recent years, which could be credited to the fact that the video-on-demand platform is home to the hit teen drama series, Euphoria. Seeing as the show is meant to cater to a younger demographic, it is ironic that the service does not.

This is as the service does not offer a free trial period to subscribe to the platform. Moreover, HBO Max does not offer a student discount to students. Only HBO offers a student discount, but it does not provide subscribers with access to the extensive library of HBO Max.

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