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Daily Investor – Where South Africans get their investment news



Daily Investor is the South African investment community’s preferred news source.

  • You can visit the Daily Investor website here.

The platform was launched by Broad Media on 1 August 2022 and now attracts over 420,000 South African fund managers, analysts, and investors every month.

These experts turn to Daily Investor for the diverse and high-quality content it offers, which includes:

  • Regular feature articles, such as stock picks from expert investors and performance tracking of famous analysts.
  • The latest information about international stocks and insights into macroeconomic events that influence markets.
  • Updates and perspectives on small, medium, and large-cap companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Demand-driven growth

Daily Investor has grown significantly since its launch thanks to strong local demand for the content it offers.

It fills a void that the South African investment community has long sought after and now boasts the following audience:

  • Over 420,000 monthly visitors
  • 55,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 50,000 investors with personal accounts on Daily Investor.
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