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DA EFF unite against Sedibeng mayors luxury car purchase in struggling municipality



The Sedibeng council has agreed to remove an allocation of R700 000 for the mayor’s car replacement from its budget.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Sedibeng called out the Sedibeng District Municipality mayor for not realising her priorities on providing basic services to the people of her municipality.

On Thursday, the EFF said the R700 000 expansion of the municipality’s budget, which was reserved for purchasing the mayor a new car, had been scrapped.

This follows the Democratic Alliance’s opposition to the mayor receiving a new car. The party’s MPL Kingsol Chabalala said a recent report tabled in council showed an increase of municipal capital expenditure budget for the 2023/2024 financial year.

Both the DA and EFF said Sedibeng could not afford to stretch its budget for the mayor’s luxury, especially while the community she is supposed to be serving faced poor service delivery.

‘Mayor does not deserve another car’

In a recent statement, the EFF expressed its displeasure over what it viewed as an unjustified budget adjustment by Sedibeng District Municipality, which would pave the way for the mayor to purchase the new car worth R700 000.

The party argued that this expense was not necessary and demanded for its removal from the budget to which “the council agreed to this rationale”.

“We strongly believe that the mayor does not deserve another car, and a report on the current car’s status must be presented to the council,” the party’s statement read.

The EFF called on the mayor to stop “fixating” on residing in a palace and splurging on lavish expenses on herself.

Furthermore, they emphasised that the mayor’s focus should be on serving the residents of Sedibeng and delivering adequate basic services such as roads, electricity and water.

The party noted the stark contrast of Sedibeng Municipality’s budget which it receives annually from the national government compared to its neighbouring local councils.

According to the EFF, Sedibeng is allocated a budget of R400 million, whereas Emfuleni Local municipality gets approximately R8 billion, the Midvaal council gets R2 billion, and Lesedi Municipality receives R1.2 billion.

Sugar allegedly found in car engine

According to Chabalala the mayor had been bought a Mercedes-Benz GLB (X247) in 2022, which cost R696 611.99. However, she allegedly did not use it because it was not what she asked for.

“The same unwanted car broke down due to a foreign substance, allegedly sugar granules, found in the engine, estimated to cost the municipality R398 000 to repair,” Chabalala said.

He said the municipality’s actions demonstrated a disregard for the needs of its residents, as resources were being wasted on one individual.

Chabalala highlighted the DA’s satisfaction with the Sedibeng council’s withdrawal of the mayor’s car purchase from the municipal capital expenditure budget.

“The DA will continue to observe how this financially struggling municipality is spending its money, we will not hesitate to expose them,” Chabalala added.

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