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ANC is lying theres no border patrol



PA’s Kenny Kunene on SA-Lesotho border

‘The president and the minister of defence said they are in control of the borders.’

Patriotic Alliance (PA) deputy president Kenny Kunene has accused the ANC government of lying about deploying officials at the South Africa-Lesotho border.

Kunene shared a video on social media of a PA campaign at the border between South Africa and Lesotho on Saturday.

The PA leader said this was concerning because the Border Management Authority (BMA) had assured South Africans earlier this year that the country’s borders were well secured.

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“This is how porous our borders are. The water is so low we are told that night it’s a free for all. The president and the minister of defence said they are in control of the borders. Where is [border patrol] here?” Kunene said.

Kunene said goods and live stock were being stolen from South Africa and taken to Lesotho through the Tello border between Lesotho and Free State.

“Even the cattle are inside Lesotho, they cross easily. The ANC-led government is lying to South Africans that there’s control. There is no soldier here, there is no border patrol even immigration officers are not here. Our borders are open all over,” he said.

Kunene said the PA was committed to ensuring strict border control should the party come into power following the national and provincial elections on 29 May.

This was the second operation that the PA has carried on South African borders the first one was earlier this year at the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe in Limpopo.

At the time, the PA claimed to have turned back around 1 000 foreign nationals who had tried to enter the country illegally.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that the weak border between South Africa and the landlocked kingdom is responsible for the problem of illegal mining, which is lucrative for many Lesotho nationals.

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