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5 Questions about the Iron Resurrection cast answered



Iron Resurrection is not necessarily known for its on-screen drama, but several of its cast members have left the show through the years.

Joe Martin from Iron Resurrection has always been a gearhead, but it took him appearing on the Biker Build-Off to get his own show.

Iron Resurrection has now been on the air for six seasons, and although the show remains very popular, the cast has changed slightly over the years.

The Iron Resurrection backstory

While most of the teams that you see working to restore and customize various classic bikes, cars and trucks on Discovery’s MotorTrend likely love what they do, resto-mods are a way of life for Joe Martin and the team at Martin Bros. Customs.

Joe originally started restoring old cars and bikes in his youth, when custom builds from people like Boyd Coddington and Wayne Carini were just slightly out of his price range.

But he eventually earned his own claim to fame when he competed in Discovery’s Biker Build-Off in 2004.

This is also what ultimately convinced the Velocity Channel (now MotorTrend) producers to give Joe, his brother Jason, his best friend Jayson “Shag” Arrington, and his wife Amanda Martin their own show called Iron Resurrection.

5 Questions about the Iron Resurrection cast answered

The very first season of Iron Resurrection started airing back in 2016, and throughout the next six seasons, the Martin Bros. Customs team has been responsible for some absolutely beautiful builds.

This includes a few particularly notable builds like the “monster” trike (featured in Iron Resurrection season 4, episode 3), the complete ’77 Bandit Trans Am rebuild (in season 5, episode 4), or the ’65 Buick Riviera back which was brought back to life for the owner Butch Yamali, in the most recent season.

And of course, just about anything and everything in between.

Part of the reasons why the Iron Resurrection has remained so popular over the years, and why the Martin Bros. Customs team can continue to pull off these impressive builds, is because the show does not include the manufactured on-screen drama that many reality shows tend to favor.

However, this does not necessarily mean that things have gone/go off without a hitch behind-the-scenes. Iron Resurrection has seen quite a few cast changes over the course of the last seven years.

Iron Resurrection cast 2022

The most recent, sixth season of Iron Resurrection only premiered a few months ago on September 28, 2022.

The cast list of this season is:

Cast memberRole
Joe MartinOwner of Martin Bros. Customs
Amanda MartinCo-owner of Martin Bros. Customs
Jason MartinMechanic
Jayson ‘Shag’ ArringtonHead of Sales and Marketing
Mike ZabonikWelder
PompaShop Assistant
TommyPaint and Body
ChadFabricator and Shop Assistant
Tom RichardsCustom Paint Expert
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